Tiffany Cheir / Press

"we are very pleased with your creative ideas and we love what you do Cheir!"

"ms cheir is a top ghostwriter, and expressive beauty like yours will excel your brand !

"your a young Mary j Blidge!"

music executiveTerry Sharpe - Universal records

“its an honour to have you as a apprentice!”

spider @universal &thump Label

“As I look into you I see you have a good soul.Beauty is above just looks,its the goodness of the soul with a positive personality, :-) .”

Stsilent Type - Beauty is above

“Universal Artists International favorite spokesmodel!”

“The holds are great, the concept and emotion, is there.”

Currancy Stack Entertainment - D face Management

"You're a mystery woman!"

"Looking Forward to working with an artist such as you!" <F.Corp production>

Tif Cheir