Tied in 2 / Press

“Tied in 2, a NJ based band has a track up called Friend, which rocks and is a solid song that sounds very much of today. Fans of acts like Kings of Leon, Collective Soul, Live, 3 Doors Down would dig this, and they should. There is also a cool lyrical line "...even in the summer it snows." I have no idea what that means but is sounds great!”

"Sound is reminicent of early Green Day...original urban pop rock!"

Amir Windom, Atlantic Records - SCMC Conference- Washington, DC

“Start your engines! Rev ‘em up! Break out those crankin’ guitars, diggin’ basslines, and jumpin’ drums! Keep those beats a hoppin’ along at a nonstop peppy clip! Make sure those quick tempos likewise rarely let up for a minute! And make sure those vocals are very robust and passionate while you’re at it! Hell, toss in smart and thoughtful lyrics for good music! But most importantly keep it simple, catchy, and tuneful throughout! Mix all this good stuff together and the net result is one hell of a sweet little EP CD pip!”

“The tracks, "Friend" and "You" were alternative rock to a T. Both songs were well written, and I like Leigh's voice a lot!...The boys from Tied in 2 plan on spending the rest of the summer supporting their self titled debut EP...If you love alt rock- you'll really like these guys!”

"This Hoboken-based quartet’s debut EP showcases a bright, almost new-wavey sound reminiscent of the Romantics, Cyndi Lauper, and other ebullient power-poppers of the Eighties. Singer/guitarist Leigh Wilson’s vocals tend to dominate these five tracks, ably abetted by brothers Gabe and Lyon Orpaz (on lead guitar and bass, respectively) and drummer Jim Toscano. All of the members have been active in other New Jersey bands over the years...The music ranges from danceable pop to thoughtful ballads to aggressive punk rock, all delivered with precision and passion."

“FRIEND REVIEW: "Reminds me of bands like Live, Sponge, or simular mid-90s alt rock bands...I really enjoyed listening to this song. Engaging and memorable hook, good sectional contrast...the release of the chorus is great because it contrasts so well with the verses; its louder and more powerful and emotional...it has great momentum...this song is really solid and you guys definatley have talent. Best of luck!"”

“This short disc includes some well written, catchy songs including “Female.” The track is about how girls should not worry about looking like women in fashion magazines...Tied In 2 easily proves on this album that they can write good quality music that people can understand and identify with instantly. “Friend” is about that person who gets into a bad scene and starts to drift away...This album is nice and simple rock with a side of pop that will be easy to hear on the radio and sing along with... Tied In 2 has made a debut album that most of us will be able to identify with easily and enjoy. They should have no problem gaining recognition for this collection of catchy tunes. ”

“Wilson says he was influenced by Dave Matthews Band and Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam, among others, which can be heard in the band's riff-driven brand of rock 'n' roll. ”

"(FEMALE)The opening track starts with a rock/pop feel and we're quickly introduced to the lead singer's impressive vocal range. The instrumentation is strong and the rhythm section lays a solid foundation for the melody, which is extremley dynamic...(MISTAKES)Chord progression is cool w/ some interesting half steps...(FRIEND)The track has some awesome builds and epic climaxes...(YOU)This tune is dynamic as it is catchy. Rhythm changes, pauses, and key changes all make this track a thrill ride. Blink-182, Foo Fighters, and Green Day all rolled into one...(MISTAKES)Employs acoustic guitar and a side stick drum beat to downshift this tune back into alternative."

““Tied in 2”, the new EP from NJ’s power pop/rock band, is a collection of songs that are impossible not to immediately like. Engineered and produced by the up and coming Andrew Chervak at Midnight Studios and mastered by the always outstanding Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog in LA, the EP contains five songs that are easily distinguishable as being by the same band...“Friend" the EP’s third track and my personal favorite, is an example of yet another avenue of this band’s writing diversity. Dark, haunting and moody, with a hint of early Alice in Chains to it, “Friend” is a sad story of a friend helplessly watching another friend self destruct, while the victim swears it’s everyone else who’s changing....despite their ventures into different genres (something that most bands would fear to do- Ti2 does it flawlessly)...Tied in 2 has a distinctive sound, thanks mainly to lead singer Leigh Wilson’s voice and vocal range and the overall performance of the band.”

Michael Fog, Partner- Lix Music Creation and Production - EP Review