Tied For Last / Press

“The singer’s neck seems to be made out of rubber, he shouldn’t be able to move it like that! Another fun set. A bit of a country rockabilly influence in spots, some bursts of pop punk here and there and some great sloppy garage rock style stuff too, but more fast and funny music that was easy to get into.”

"They are super tight, punk meets melodic rockabilly meets general mayhem and somehow it works. IF WE HAD MORE BANDS LIKE TIED FOR LAST, ROCK MIGHT YET STAND A FIGHTING CHANCE."

Brian Cogan - author of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PUNK, (2008, Sterling Press)

“Every now and then I’m feeling lost in a wilderness of Hot Topic bands and a music scene that seems determined to kill itself by asphyxiation, then a band comes along like TIED FOR LAST that makes me remember why I enjoy music in the first place.”

Brian Cogan - author of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PUNK, (2008, Sterling Press)

“Light hearted enough to make you laugh,kick ass enough to make you move...You might come home a Little sore from dancing around but I guarantee you'll have a smile on your face!”

“One of the few bands I would climb from my deathbed to see live.”

“If Tied For Last continues to stretch their musicality to the outer limits while preserving their core, just like The Ramones...Tied For Last, will certainly last!”

“one of the 10 Best of 2008...('That's How She Rolls' is) The best song about roller derby ever written!”

“The Yonkers punk band won over a room full of metalheads that had never heard of them. Their tight performance and good sense of humor had all the bearded leather-jacket guys singing along.”