Tidal / Press

“Fair play to the ambition shown throughout the record to be a little more than yet another band hanging on the coat tails of The Answer, the musicianship and dexterity displayed is impressive to say the least. A very decent self-released album.”

“Not a single punch is pulled on What Will Remain - riff follows crunching riff, wailing solos cut the air with surgical precision, and soaring vocals pull you skyward just as the rock solid rhythm section keeps your feet stomping the ground. The sound is massive. That such a sonic monolith has been created by a four-piece is testament to how well this band has honed its sound. And yet, there's an accessibility here, one sorely lacking in much of the output from this genre - the riffs possess a certain agility, an undeniable groove that keeps your toes tapping while your head is banging.”

“What Will Remain is quite frankly a stunning debut album. The four guys that have converged and go under the name of Tidal, have managed to produce one of those special debuts that only comes along once in a blue moon. Fusing powerful groove laden riffs with infectious vocals and melodies. The bands influences are buried deep within their own sound, but every now and then they creep to the surface, such as the Zeppelin sounding Guilt Trip, the Scorpions vibe of Like The Wind or the slight, The Answer , feeling of opening track Lost In Thought. Tidal have their own sound and a fantastic sound it is. If they can perform these eleven tracks live, with half the power, passion and fun as heard on the album, then I don’t think it will be long before they are supporting some of the biggest names in Rock on their tours. On the back of What Will Remain, Tidal deserve to be heard, to be seen live and deserve to be huge. Let the Tidal wave commence. ”

“On hearing this intro from Swansea-based band Tidal, I was reminded of a WWE wrestler’s theme, memorable riffs and effects being superceded by genre-defying, refreshingly clean production – I can understand the vocal! Surely some mistake where its almost a badge of honour to sound like a treacle swamp. Change your expectations from the usual scuzz tropes. This is a solid effort lyrically and musically.”


“It is fast, hard and provides us with possibly the new sound of Metal for 2011 onward! It seems to merge 80’s metal, acknowledge the Grunge revolution and adds Tidals secret recipe to bring them right up to date. This. Band. Rock.”

The Unsigned Alliance

“Tidal = a hint of Black Sabbath, a drop of Pantera, but with the classic southern influence of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tidal whip up one strong cocktail where the only ingredients are big riffs and angry vocals. Expect a of powerful performance that saw them claim victory at Battle of the Bands this year”

“Great songs within which I can really feel the meaning.”

Jeffrey Rubin - Banana Peel Radio