Thurkills Vision / Press

“One of my favorite bands that's opened for us in a while and deserves serious recognition/respect. These guys are Veterans of the New England Music Scene. They are an important force in the N.E.M.S. as well. Anyway, the point is I can't wait to see these guys again!!!!”

Derrick Klybish - Bass Player, 40 Below Summer

“Winner: Best Hardcore/Metal Act Worcester Music Awards 2014”

The Pulse Mag

“Winner: Best Hardcore/Metal Act Worcester Music Awards 2013”

“Winner: Best Hardcore/Metal Act Worcester Music Awards 2012”

"You guys can deliver a fierce riff and structure it perfectly into a compelling, melodic song..the brilliant dynamic between the two vocal styles is superb and really helps frame the face-melting guitar work. I've been listening to the new Metallica/Lou Reed album this week and you guys remind of that style, and the potential you could have in treating non-metal material with your sound. You've got the musical chops to pull it off!!"

Quote - A fan

“Behind the vocal is a talented slew of musicians who give new meaning to the words "well rounded". Varied musical styles and inspirations and extracurricular interests blend into an incredibly balanced sound which has the ability to both make you want to move and get into a relaxed state at the same time. The music is powerful and complex with layers of melody. You definitely don't want to miss this band if they happen to be playing in your town, because pretty soon you'll be wishing you'd paid the $10 cover to see them live instead of the $50+ ticket to see them grace the big stage as a headlining act at any major venue or music festival.”

“These guys pour their heart and soul into every song and give their fans an absolutely fantastic performance every time they play. So, if you are looking for a great night out or just feel like listening to some incredible music check out Thurkills Vision.”

Wayne Benson - TOB Productions

“Real solid, deep sound and heavy groove.”

Skyworks Productions - fan

“Like their namesake Thurkill, a fictional character who had a vision of what he needed to do in life to find success, the band had a vision of combining different styles to create a signature sound that clobbers you with a mean punch right to your eardrums. It makes you simultaneously want to bang your head to escape from the daily blah while honing in on their masterful lyrics.”

“Nice, clean guitar technique, excellent, tight backbeat, vocals that scratch the spinal column and some real subject matter and superb overall production!”

Douglas Murdock - Fan

“Recently released on March 11th, their debut EP, For the Sleeping packs a blow to the chest that would awake most unsuspecting sleepers, with a shortness of breath. Easily being compared to big acts such as; All That Remains, Five Finger Death Punch, and Shadows Fall.”

Billy Lever - Billy Lever

“If you are looking for a shot of pure adrenaline, look no farther than this band. These five musicians will give you plenty of bite, along with emotional lyrics that will get you thinking and stay with you long after the music is over.”

"Mixing elements of metalcore, alt metal and rock this EP comes across like the bastard offspring of Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold" "These guys have produced a modern metal EP that is easily heads above groups like Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch and Bullet For My Valentine."