“A fascinating, eclectic musical journey somewhat unified by an Eastern European feel. That such disparate bands as Bal-Sagoth (album opener), Laibach (see title track), and Nokturnal Mortum can be cited as influences and yet the album manages to progress rather fluidly is testament to the band's musicianship and songwriting skills.”

Zero Tolerance (UK)

“Some bands try to do something original, Thunderkraft succeeded in this. They bring their Industrial Folk Black/Death metal to the next new level.”

Rock Tribune (Belgium)

“This album is a victory achieved by a very different band from those found in the everyday panorama of modern metal. Thunderkraft aren’t afraid to experiment and come off sounding totally unorthodox and different. They aren’t afraid of sounding like Rammstein, modern day Samael, Fear Factory and Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra, all put together in a blender. ... It is a great example of experimental music done right.”

“Not a lot to compare this to. Perhaps a dash of Germans Die Apokalyptischen Rieter or a more electronically infused alternative to Nokturnal Mortum's folksier exhibitions. Perhaps a metalized, symphonic EBM.”