“Thunderfist (Self Titled-2012) is just a great rock album, from a seasoned band of some 14 years, that walks the walk and talks the talk. That doesn't give a rats ass about what is trendy at the moment. Has a whiskey barrel of riffs for the stoner crowd, old-school AC/DC swagger, for a night of binge drinking. And songs that don't take themselves too seriously, for people that like a little humor with their rock. Because let's face it folks, Rock and Roll should never be taken too seriously. Thunderfist deliver. ~AdamW”

“THUNDERFIST 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY When Salt Lake City rockers Thunderfist released Barefoot & Pregnant in 1998, and soon after entered City Weekly’s Showdown to South by Southwest band competition using a beer cooler stuffed with an (empty) Pabst Blue Ribbon case as a press kit, it was clear: These boys are career artists! They showed all rock & roll doubters by surviving 10 years on SLC’s grimiest stages, releasing five increasingly smokin’ CDs (No. 6 is on the way) and touring as their vans and livers allowed. Come celebrate a decade of decibels as Thunderfist rocks all damn night with every past member of the band (even the one who spontaneously combusted) for no cover (just as Burt’s did back in the day). Burt’s Tiki Lounge, 726 S. State, 10 p.m. (with Swamp Donkeys)”

“Trash Culture (El Chango Grande) Ever crushed a beer can on your forehead? Try it with a full keg and you’ve got an idea of the sheer rock terror/hilarity inflicted by Thunderfist, a deceptively literate punk machine that’ll make old-schoolers misty for the days of D.R.I. and PBR. Singer Jeremy Cardenas has something to say about every stupid little thing the media feeds us—sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s impossible to tell. Now that’s punk.”