“Another side of heavy metal with Thunderbox There is a perhaps surprisingly large demographic of our society for whom the concept of heaven would be a heavy metal tribute band comprised of hot babes. If so, Saturday's doorman at the Backstage Rock Bar in Groton will be St. Peter - because that's when and where Long Island's Thunderbox hits town. And just because they're female doesn't mean this is a watered-down set list with goofs like Poison. Indeed, look for blistering renditions by the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Motley Crue, Danzig, and AC/DC. What else is cool? Well, Thunderbox drummer Natalie Mustang is a New London native. Plus, virtually every picture ever posted of Thunderbox shows the women holding beer or whiskey. In other words: they're the real deal.”

Rick Koster - The Day

“THUNDERBOX is NY's all-girl, all-metal tribute band composed of 4 of the hottest, most shredding-est babes on the east coast - Gina Stile (formerly of Vixen, Poison Dollys, & Envy) shreds on her guitar with the power & prowess of all the metal guitar greats rolled into one frenzy of blurred picking & blond hair. Bass player Sammy D. Evil (of Nassau Chainsaw, Jungle Junkies, Shira Girl) pounds her bass and fills every song with earth-shaking bottom-end; the Cliff Burton of female bass players! Natalie Mustang (formerly of Mustang Cobra, Sasquatch & the Sick-A-Billys) beats her drums mercilessly, creating the pounding rhythm that every member of the audience can bang their head & raise their horns to. THUNDERBOX is one of the greatest new bands to emerge from the Island and beyond, definitely do not miss your next chance to see them!”

THE SOUND Music & Culture Magazine