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“Joe Massa - Honorable mention MVP and Amanda Massa - Honorable mention best vocalist in 2017's "Jimmie's”

"Juniper in Spring" one of the best local songs of 2017 in the "Jimmies"

“Thru Spectrums, “Process”: #10 best local album for the 2017 "Jimmie" awards: Led by siblings Joe (guitar) and Amanda (vocals, lyrics) Massa, this funk-rock-soul band has shown tremendous growth as a live act over the past couple of years, and this album reflects that with its strong, eclectic set of originals.”

“So much to love about this band... Great funky-soul sound, amazingly talented musicians, tight arrangements and music to get you moving. But as I said earlier, the way this group represents the music community is totally in tune with the themes I've been promoting here for years: a "family" band, with roots that are dug deep into the region's scene. Siblings Joe (guitar) and Amanda (vocals) are the offspring of local jazz legend Neal Massa; Amanda is the spouse of Bob McMahon, whose trumpet graces a bunch of projects and is the Director of Middle School Bands in the Dryden school system. These folks are not just making great music - they are part of a heritage arc that is a big chunk of what makes the music scene what it is.”

“The vision Massa speaks of is multiplex. Each song and subsequent section on the new record feels tenured and shared. Seven members is a large number for any band, especially one that wants to keep growing creatively. Thru Spectrums have managed to do so with honesty and variance. The new record showcases the strengths from each member. From deep funk cuts, to classy pop, progressive rhythm and nu-school rhythm and blues, the band delivers solid on all fronts. Often, several forms coalesce in one single composition, like on “Social Misfit,” the album’s epic closer.”

“Musically, the album covers a variety of funk and soul grooves, with the horn section of Bob McMahon (trumpet) and Alec Staples (sax) adding punctuation throughout the proceedings. (Matt Lowe guests on trombone as well.)" ... "The new rhythm section of Clarke, who’s from Corning, and Collins, an Ithaca native who formerly drummed with Space Train, has helped Thru Spectrums to raise its game on stage over the past year — they’re one of the best live bands in town right now.”

“Friday, Thru Spectrums will return to the Range with their funk-soul originals; the band has been a roll lately since adding bassist Sterling Clarke, and plans to release a new CD this year.”

“Friday, Thru Spectrums will return to the Dock. The soul-funk band is led by siblings Amanda and Joe Massa and rounded out by the rhythm section of drummer Dan Collins and new bassist Sterling Clarke, keyboardist Sam Lupowitz and horn players Bob McMahon and Alec Staples.”

“Got a whole lot to say about this band, and I'll save most of it for the video to come - but in a lot of ways they personify for me the heart and soul of what the local music scene is all about.”

“Amanda and Joe, brother and sister, offspring of Neal Massa (who himself has been making music in these parts for decades) typify the former, bringing talent that grew up with performance in their blood. This band, one of several in which the two siblings contribute together or individually, is a testament to that mix of local and transplanted musicians, and a perfect example of how and why our scene is so incredibly rich. (The music is pretty awesome too...)”

“This band is another one chock full of talent, and very much a family affair as well, with siblings Amanda Massa delivering powerful, hypnotic vocals and Joe Massa doing his masterful thing on guitar. (And if you hadn't noticed, both Joe and Sam Lupowitz were in the previous band for the night... more examples of the intermingling of artists across styles and genres that makes things so wickedly cool around here...)”

“The past weekend down on Taughannock Boulevard was chock full of kicking female vocals, and none more sultry and stylish than Amanda Massa. This band, featuring tons of talent, plays original tunes that have a serious funk with an underlying current of modern standards. Here's Thru Spectrums performing "Summertime" at The Dock in Ithaca, New York on January 29th, 2016.”

“Friday, the Dock will host a cool double bill with Thru Spectrums teaming with Julia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis for a night of original soul and R&B music. “We've got one brand new song and playing mostly our new stuff, plus a few off ‘Rhythms of the Mind’,” said Thru Spectrums singer Amanda Massa. Felice also is working on a new project with her band, so expect to her some new material from them as well. There’s a cover charge for the 9 p.m. show.”

“Honorable Mention: Best Local Cd of 2014 - Thru Spectrums "Rhythms of the Mind"; Honorable Mention: Best Singer- Amanda Massa; Honorable Mention: Most Valuable Player - Joe Massa & Samuel B. Lupowitz”

“At the Haunt: Neal Massa's daughter Amanda had performed with her father's bluesy and jazzy acts before, but the Thru Spectrums add funk and R&B to a groovy musical equation. The vocalist has the power of Revi Rosa, another funky Ithacan act, but her brother Joe is an equal star here, offering deeper and deeper funk with each track on Rhythms of the Mind.”

“Ithaca-based modern funk band Thru Spectrums will release its second album, “Rhythms of the Mind,” Friday night at the Haunt. Comprising 10 originals, the new album showcases the band’s development. Guitarist Joe Massa and bassist Jesse Tyrrell formed Thru Spectrums a few years ago, after playing together in the indie-rock band Between Walls. ... As with any good funk band, it all starts with the rhythm section, and that’s the case with Thru Spectrums. “Will and Jesse are in constant conversation at rehearsals about the little intricacies of the relationship between the bass and the drums,” Joe Massa said. “In this kind of music, that’s one of the most important things when it comes to the groove."”

““We're in the end stages of everything and shooting to have the CD release show towards the end of April,” said Amanda Massa, the group’s singer. “We just put some new songs from the album on Reverbnation“ — which you can hear at www.reverbnation.com/thruspectrums. The band is bulking up its lineup for Friday’s show. “We're featuring a horn section — Marc Devokaitis on tenor sax, Jay Worley on baritone sax and Bob McMahon on trumpet — along with Sam Lupowitz on keyboards,” she said.”

“The Thru Spectrums is a four-piece original funk rock band comprised of brother and sister duo Amanda Massa and Joe Massa. Joining the siblings is Jesse Tyrell with whom Joe has been playing music for over ten years and Will Sigel on drums. A rock and funk quartet, the act grooves in a way that recalls the Rozatones and a distinctly Ithacan approach to funk. “Poetry of Your Voice” is a powerful listen: and makes you want to dance sing along.”

“Honorable Mention: Best Local Cd of 2011- Thru Spectrums "Wanderings" Honorable Mention: Best Singer- Stephanie Dvorak”

“Joe Massa and Jesse Tyrell have been playing in bands together for a decade, including their stint in the popular outfit Between Walls. Things got funky a year ago, when they enlisted vocalist Stephanie Dvorak and drummer Will Siegel. They put their heads together and came up with the name Thru Spectrums. Originality tumbled forth freely. Their style: rock that carries a big funk edge. ”

"Dvorak's vocals carry a jazzy tone to Massa's jamming guitar feel and Tyrell's funky bass lines."