Throwing Stones / Press

“Two area musical groups who entered Battle of the Bands contests just to play gigs ended up leaving them unexpectedly with something bigger — spots at Summerfest Throwing Stones won the Walleye Weekend contest on June 12, while the Joe Schueller Band won the Brass Bell Battle of the Bands in Milwaukee on May 20. Throwing Stones — which features Sheboygan residents Aaron Rossmiller (bass), Joel Heribacka (guitar), Tara Heribacka (vocals), Matt Huber (drums) and Carla Wolowski (keyboards), will play at noon on Saturday, July 9. “We’re up to 14 original songs, and we do some covers,” Rossmiller said. “We always had the idea to learn a few more covers. Now that we have to play for 2½ hours, we have to learn new songs.” “We’re a bit older, and do this for the fun of it,” said Rossmiller. “We’re well past trying to be rock stars. Not to say if something came along, we wouldn’t take advantage of that.” ”