ThrodL / Press

“THRODL is still growing and developing as a young band, but there are many moments on No Honour In Exile where you can’t deny the upside potential, and... you will be treated to an act that – unlike most of the trend following bands in music today – are successfully carving out their own identity in an experimental musical approach that at times sounds like SLAYER and EYEHATEGOD birthed a child... and named it THRODL… You would be doing yourself a major disservice by not listening to what these guys are doing. No Honour In Exile is one of the more visceral records you will hear in 2010.”

“Mixing elements of death/hardcore with old school punk and thrash, [THRODL has] crafted a seriously wicked concept album that, get this, follows the life of a female serial killer named Lydia who “found a marriage in a blade”... the thirteen tracks offered up here tell the disturbing story in a highly effective manner through the lyrics. My favorite song is track four’s “Ruthless”, for the growling vocals from Brad Roche are as scary sounding as the thought of a woman stabbing a knife into the chest of a person...”

“If you like the traditional tough guy hardcore displayed by bands such as Kingdom of Sorrow and Hatebreed, than you’ll enjoy “No Honor in Exile,” if your less into breakdowns and more into quick melodies, you may still like this, however it’s not the selling point of this album. I give it a solid 4/5, the audio quality is amazing, and the guitar parts are technical and fun to listen to...”

“There is an insistent force within the Pennsylvania music scene – a rash of uncompromising original bands that are reinventing the scene. At the forefront of this is Throdl, a five-piece band that blends a deep and melodious metal with razor-edged hardcore. While much of today’s music floats through the background, Throdl’s music is life. It’s a driving force to live and die by.”