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“Wasn’t expecting this but stayed three more days at the Cedars of Lebanon SP, Tennessee and had the best time ever. The State Park put on an awesome music event for the Fourth of July .We were thinking about going into Nashville and glad we didn’t. The bands the music the people in the crowd was awesome. It couldn’t been better .Music by, Three Simple Rules, Donna Frost and The Ukeabillies, Doug Tolston (Toast), Karree Phillips, The Buzz! Band , Lillie Syracuse and Chris Beard, but unfortunately Chris got rained out. This is about a six and a half minute video of the great music from all the bands. Thanks to everyone evolved in putting on such a great event and Special Thanks to all the great bands. Thanks for watching.”

“PLOW'D Facebook 2/22/15 9:25am Great big thank ya, thank ya, thank ya to all y'all that braved the weather and made last night a blast! How about Three Simple Rules?!? Doggone, they are fine! Last, but, most definitely not least, thank ya to Paige and Lee and all the nice folks at the Boro for taking such good care of us. We really do appreciate all of y'all! 2/21/15 6:32am There's an old saying that says something about "into every life a little rain must fall....." While that's true, it ain't gonna stop this train!!! It's gonna take a whole lot more than some piddlin' rain to keep us and our buddies, Three Simple Rules, from coming into The Boro tonight and flat lettin' er rip! We hope all y'all feel the same way! We'll see ya tonight bout 8!!!”

“PLOWE'D Facebook 2/18/15 7:45pm Tired of being cooped up? Cabin fever gotcha down? Had your fill of bread and milk sammiches? Young'ns gettin on your last nerve? Wellllll......have we got the remedy for what's ailin' ya! That's right! Betcha didn't know that an evening of "Refined Ignorance" with your old buddies, PLOW'D, and our new friends, Three Simple Rules, is chock full of curative goodness! So, load up and head on down to The Boro Bar and Grill Saturday evenin' along about 8:00pm and be healed of that cooped up, hemmed in feeling. It'll be good for ya! 2/15/15 7:07pm Big news! Big news kids! It looks like our new buddies, Three Simple Rules, are gonna be joining the party Saturday night at the Boro Bar and Grill! Come on out, show them some love, and celebrate E's birthday with us!”

"Static is a short film about a man who looses himself in an imaginary world inside a virtual reality machine. When I wrote the scene where the main characters meets a group of people at a picnic I knew I needed music from a live band for the scene. I had known about Three Simple Rules for a while so I asked them to do a cover of "Hills of Connemara" for me. Not only did they record a great cover, the whole band was able to come out and be part of the movie too. It was a great film shoot." ~Pascal L. Wilt (Writer & Director of 'Static')

Pascal L. Wilt - Wilt Video Productions

“Hi Everyone! Summer is such a busy time of year. We try to cram in all kinds of activities in 24 hours... work, kids, shopping, cooking dinner, yard work, gardening, etc. The list is endless. How often during the summer do you take time to Nourish Your Spirit?... ...If you are interested in coming to a Mindful Nourishment Support Group meeting, we meet on the first Friday evening of each month. Email me and I will add you to the Facebook group and our mailing list. We would love to see you there! This week, to Nourish My Spirit I am going to go kayaking and I am going to go listen to my favorite band (Three Simple Rules) play. What are you going to do? I'd love to hear what you do to Nourish Your Spirit. Email me and let me know what you plan on doing to Nourish Your Spirit. Namaste' Missy P.S. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end so you don't miss this months specials!”

“info@musictreefest.com 12:34 PM 06/09/2013 Wendell, Man we have a ton of great feedback on you guys! So excited to hear! We look forward to Tuesday night as well! We have a opening tonight at 7pm at the Miller Lite Stage at 41 South Bar and Grill. We have had several hundred folks there the last few days and would like to get you guys in front of them if you are interested. If not just let me know but since you guys have been so great to work with we wanted to afford you the opportunity first. Thanks, Ryan”

Ryan French (Festival Coordinator) - Miller Lite MusicTree Festival

“'From Motown to Hodown ' As most well know, Nashville is called Music City, but let’s not overlook Murfreesboro. There are a lot of great groups and individuals who get playing time and occasionally PR but then so many do not. There is one local three-piece vocal group with a folksy style that is a bit versatile and if you hear them you’ll want more. “Three Simple Rules” is a family group that has been performing professionally for the past couple of years. The group writes much of our own music, but also concentrates on a well-established list of covers ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Lynyrd Skynyrd; from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley; from Michael Murphy to Michael Jackson; from motown to ho-down. They cover the 60' through the current day. For more information you may contact Jes Stallman at (615) 473-XXXX or getpitywitit@yahoo.com. ”


“There is no cost to attend, but walkers are asked to pre-register online and encouraged to raise funds for diabetes research. Attendees will be provided complimentary breakfast, drinks, fruit and snacks. Before and after the walk, music will be provided by local folk rock group "Three Simple Rules" and the walk will be led by members of the Woodbury High School Marching Band. The Kids Zone will feature face painting, balloon art and a bounce house. ”