Three Engine Train / Press

“Three Engine Train is headed back to the Studio!!! Work has already begun on our follow up disk – Stay Tuned !!!!!”

TET - Press - TET - Press

“Three Engine Train is coming to CHMR – FM 95.5 !!!! Special Thanks to Bob Earle for putting us on the air!!!! Click on the link http://www.mun.ca/chmr/main.html and keep the requests coming in!!! We are hoping to get out to see our friends in St- John’s Newfoundland soon!!!! ”

TET - Press

“Three Engine Train Three Engine Train, is coming to KGWB 91.1 Thank you to Geron Scates, from KGWB 91.1 for having us on your program. Be sure to click on the link to hear us on KGWB 91.1 http://kgwbradio.com/ – All the best to our new friends and listeners from Texas !! ”