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“THRASH FORWARD literally thrashed forward the way like tomorrow would never come. Sounding dangerous and even very violent at times, but that's how Thrash Metal was meant to sound. The bottom line is this is some kickass Thrash Metal, entertaining as fuck. Thanks to Deathmessiah of Proselytism for seeing a true gem here, we now have something a bit more official from this amazing Thrash Metal band. Get this while you can because all Proselytism releases are quite limited!”

“5/5 The sound of Thrash Forward is very speed, very thrash and very metal, as they insist in their titles and lyrics. The guitars are sharp, loud and prominent. The bass is stirring and angry. The drums are speedy and power crazed and the vocals are angry and raw. The music really fits together with a tight sound which is well vibrant and ass kicking. The production is excellent, a particularly good tape well worth tracking down.”

ACTIVATE - Pontefract, W.Yorkshire

“Real speed metal, very fast and furiously done for all to mosh!!! Drummer Dan Englund sets a fast beat with heavy bass in support. Top ‘em off with ripping guitar work by Bill Cook and vocals that blend well with the music. Speed, Death & Destruction is my favorite cut and it’s also the first selection on the tape so it’s easy to play a lot. Nice variety in the cuts within this format of metal. All the material is captivating.”

Stubble - Attleboro, MA

“If you love speed metal, you’ll love Thrash Forward. Wow, are these guys ever good! This high quality tape is the most raddest, most under control speed there is available. They are well worth your while.”


“Thrash Forward-Damn! Nine song tape, world distribution debut, s*** … incredible, straight in your face thrash, ripping guitar work and great core vocals. This band is going somewhere, great attitude, definitely get this.”

The Wild Rag - Montebello, CA

“Speed metal hordes should be happy to get on the sound of this act from U.S.A. It’s really what I would advise for those who suffer from lack of energy and fast ripping riffs! Thrash Forward has all that it needs to get right in the sick minds of you out there. It’s hard to find these bands in time of death, but do not think they sound less aggressive than Death Metal (in relation to "certain Death bands, they have more to offer).”

NUCLEAR MOSH - Estoril Codex, Portugal

“The name says it all, they just "Thrash Forward". All the songs on here are fast speed metal played in a very intense way. They just grab you by the throat and never let go.”


“Thrash Forward is a great band with a lot of marvels and 100% quality in musicianship. On this tape you will find everything you’ve been looking for in years of Thrash Metal innovation. Their songs will leave anybody full of energy and vitality. Honestly a great band with a good future.”

Metal Pages - Santiago, Chile

“Thrash Forward play short but extremely catchy songs. They play a sort of speed thrash which contain very melodic riffing. If you are into very tight played speed metal, you should at least contact Thrash Forward.”

NUMSKULL - Holland

“Thrash Forward is a devastating progressive speed metal band from Tacoma,WA. They play fast moving thrash with an overall good touch. If you’re into melodic speed-thrash, you should definitely check out this band.”

PROGRESS - Denmark

“Thrash Forward is a heavy Speedcore Thrash band. Speed is power. Rough screaming vocals, guitars blazing at the speed of light. This thrash is super powered. I’m glad someone even tries to play FAST anymore. I think these guys pull it off really well. This is a classic. This tape is highly recommended.”


“The self titled cassette from Tacoma's THRASH FORWARD certainly lives up to the bands name. Their songs are all hard, fast and loud. The group falls onto the metal side of the crossover fence, particularly in the kick ass guitar work of Bill Cook. Their speed-thrash-metal godliness forgets to stop when it gets to your skull.”

Backlash - Seattle, WA

“Thrash Forward are surely not followers with this quality affair. Their devastating pure speed metal assaults the audience from start to finish. This is sure to get the Seattle fans off their seats and into the mosh pit, slamming furiously. You've never heard anything like this one, this band means business.”


“Music that’ll send you straight to "Speed Metal Hell" with no passing go and no collecting $200.00. With the trends these days being death and thrash-funk, it’s good to hear a band doing something different—unadulterated speed metal—the way it was meant to be played.”

D.B.N. - Lantana, FL

“This band plays speed metal. Whatever happened to speed metal anyway? I guess all good things must come to an end. Until now that is with the arrival of Thrash Forward. This is pure adrenalin speed of light music. The tunes are catchy as well, so their songs never run together.”

CROOK’D MAG - Greensboro, NC

“This is an all out speed-thrash metal band. The members produce a fast, hardcore grind pace with added mosh rhythms. CONTACT Thrash Forward.”

STATIC - Kawkawlin, MI

“With a LP-length presentation, this Washington band lives up to its name with a fast, thrashy pace and a metal mood placed up front.”


“Thrash Forward is very fast and speedy. They are on the rise in this league of music.”

Void of Tolerance - Bloomington, TX

“Thrash Forward is a speed metal band with a lot of promise. If you’re into speed metal, check ‘em out.”


“Thrash Forward is aggressive, I respect the bands balls as all the selections are fast. There’s a lot of energy captured here.”

Metal Meltdown - Severna Park, MD

“Thrash Forward is a four piece speed grind unit that have learned their thrash lessons extremely well.”

THE ROCKET - Seattle, WA

“Fast thrashing speed metal, violent and aggressive.”

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