Thracia / Press

“Metal influenced punk, with out there, intense, and totally committed vocal performances. This is what punk used to be like, stalking with untouchably nihilistic poise across a landscape of despicable hypocrisy, spitting its venom coated rage in all directions, sparing only the immune. In other words, it’s really a most splendid example of the type. Do yourself a favour, go and see this band.”

“If I was in a cartoon and stepped off the edge of a cliff (after a few seconds realising I had in fact stepped off terra firma so started to fall) POW ZAP (sorry getting carried away with the cartoon motif now) enter razor edged guitars followed by an explosion of bass and drums. The vocal is the final piece in the puzzle and the song hurtles along like a run away train and the vixen of angsty vox has additional side orders of "anger" and "pissed off at the world" to add extra spice, without going all shouty shouty screamo! The guitar and bass are a union of unison speed riffing and a delight to the ear and the drums an orgy of simple boom tit, boom tit, coupled with an orgy of cymbals - NICE! I have a penchant for the more metallic end of the punk scale and this is right in the section marked "mutts nuts!”


“More of that raw blistering female-fronted shouty punky street metal cocktail of in your face do-not-mess-with-me aggression from this band from the Midlands of England. Ramming speed, foot right down once more. Thracia make great recordings, always delivered with a splatter and a raw no messing set of confrontations - you just do not want mess with Jen. Five tracks this time, five more slices of blistering street punk of a shouty Vice Squad raw-throated metal riffed nature, who knows who or what has pissed her off this time, who is she raging at? Don’t ask, just agree with her…”

“With pumping riffs, a general watertight delivery and some mean mother fuckin' numbers Thracia really should be achieving more. It is such a shame we live in lethargic times as regards music with the few passionates overwhelmed by the many frauds. Close to 3000 people were invited to this gig via facebook with over half not responding and 140+ saying they were attending. Well where were you? You missed out here and I just hope the ones that did come will stick in and help Thracia and the other bands along. I was mightily impressed by this and so far the night was a blazing success. More please - MORE!”

“Tonight I was expecting good things from Thracia. Not only because of Jens vocal abilities are something to be marvelled at, or because Thracia have united the sounds of punk and metal in such a way that instantly makes whoever is listening crave more. No, it's the stage presence, the friendly attitude of the band members on/off stage. And the fact that they drag good music out of its hiding place kicking and screaming, nail its feet to the stage for everyone to see and enjoy.”