Thomas Medicine / Press

“Barely any of the 12 tracks on the aptly titled Schizophrenifesto make much sense alongside one another; a few songs feature the choppy, mathy rhythms of 00's post-hardcore, but that's the only semblance of a common thread. Throughout, the band apes Lucky Pineapple's exotica'prog, crafts delicate ballads like sublime highlight "You and I", and tops the stumbling, tuneless "Sour Bones" with incongruously soulful, Maroon 5-like vocals. In this context, the ghastly faux-80's production of "Taste the Dog" doesn't feel so out of place, and the song actually ends up as a highlight, partly due to its welcome levity. "The Wake" and "So You" repay careful listening, as they conceal some surprising compositional subtleties. Though its incoherence can be numbing, Schizophrenifesto, to its credit, is less a muddled mess than a willfully eclectic one.”

Eric Condon - LEO Weekly

“...Another standout track by my estimation is So You. This song features an interesting time signature, articulate and dramatic harmonies, and a lead vocal performance by Matt Quinney that shows off his R&B-style chops. The Police-esque guitar line serves as the context and does so quite beautifully. Pinning Thomas Medicine down to a genre is not possible at this point, and that is one of the crowning achievements of the album. Latino Heat mixes the DC-era post-punk like Fugazi and Jawbox with salsa rhythms and guitar lines that owe their lineage to toque gitano o flamenco. The Wake smothers the listener in its dominant hook -- don't expect any time soon to stop singing that chorus. Ultimately, the songwriting of Thomas Medicine, always their distinct specialty, has reached a new zenith on this offering. If you are looking for a new album to jam end-to-end, consider Thomas Medicine's Schizophrenifesto.”

“This is an awesome band, and probably the most original band in town. "taste the Dog" proves that...My hat is off to these guys. They've done something no one else has in Louisville; escaped the lame as trends and dared to be different.”

Eddie Metal - Louisville Music News