Thomas McGregor / Press

"I just discovered this amazing violinist by the name of Thomas McGregor. He does eon classical music and he is from Kansas. This chap is really bringing something cool to the music scene with his attitude and well…melodic structure Great tunes that you might want to check out. This one tune I am posting is called Ode to Farmer. It is amazing the things he can do with just one instrument. No words can describe the music. Better have a listen."

“I really like the way in which the composer Thomas McGregor propose this “gallery of sounds”, up and down, the different “colors” of the music. The way he arranged the rhythm and pause, and the great end sequence as a tree exploding into the sky.”

“Certificate of Expertise: The O’Connor Violin Method The O'Connor Violin Method employs classic violin technique and theory to teach students to become skilled violinists. But more than that, the O'Connor Violin Method uses familiar traditional American music to engage and motivate the young artists. The method seeks to instill a deep appreciation of America's musical history with background stories of all those that contributed to this rich heritage: Immigrants, African-American slaves, soldiers - all of whom together created what has become the new American Classical Music.”