Thomas Fogg / Press

“The songs off Thomas Fogg’s recent EP This Town are saturated with a rustic, organic quality that is inherent in bands such as Simon and Garfunkel, Iron and Wine, Fleet Foxes and Neutral Milk Hotel to name a few. They are the kind of songs they are drenched in Americana and seem to be natural extensions of simple living. It is something that Henry Thoreau may have written if he knew how to play music and had access to recording technology. There isn't a dud on this five-song EP where each song feels a bit different but still closely related to the central theme. Fogg has a very attractive voice that shines throughout. He’s never too aggressive or overly manly sounding but instead spews a sincere warm quality to his voice. The instruments he uses throughout – guitars, banjo, harmonium and percussion – are acoustic (except the first song where he uses an electric guitar). All the sounds coalesce thanks to Kevin Berg who was the engineer on the record. The first song “Bring ”

Ted Rogen - The Equal Ground