Thomas Donovan / Press

"Make Me Want You is a sexy club tune with a killer beat and rap like verses that slam into a melodic chorus..."

"This latest remix of Donovan's 'This Time I Feel It' takes his track to electro dance heaven. Colour is pure pop lyrical sunshine."


“Throughout "Xtended.dance," Donovan demonstrates an uncanny knack for affecting the perfect vocal touch as his supple and emotive voice bends, swoops, and glides over synth-drenched Electronica that makes this CD as Top 40-worthy as it is danceable.”

“Calling Around The World: "A very nice, bright shiny techno-pop song whose message calls for a change in approach to solving planetary problems." Review by Grinning Planet”

“CALLING AROUND THE WORLD by Thomas Donovan, is a great track shows that when you strip off our skin colors and labels of religion, politics and more, we are at our core all humans. As Donovan sings, "Love is what we're needing now, to get the world to turn around."”

“This montage of clips tells the story of Thomas Donovan. Get a glimpse of Thomas through this series of interviews, performances and music video segments.”