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"I have reviewed a lot of records and this live release from tommy and the Rats is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. For me there is always an awkward moment between pressing play and the music starting. In those moments I think to myself "dear god help me" or "please be gentle". When the first track from "Do not listen to this"(vol.1) "watch you pee".....all I could think was? who does this guy think he is?" then "pickle puffer/Bob Dylan riff"? hmmm. By the end of "reach around" I was really interested in finding out more about D'amour and his Rats. The four song disk finishes with "beat me" D'Amour's rendition of The Queers tune "love me". tommy and the Rats are a three piece with Steve Toland on snare, Jim Taylor on upright bass. and Thomas D'Amour singing and playing guitar. The record is a live recording and has a great stripped down feel. I saw this band in Boston and was amazed at the Rats explosive acoustic performance. S Green Other town Underground NYC

S Green - Other Town

“oops...mostly I love your voice: sorta sexy Lou Reed meets the Violent Femmes but is its own great sound. Great stuff, Danger. You gonna perform in NM?”

Matje Smith

“Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Johnny Thunders got drunk together one night and gang-banged Wendy O. Williams. The result was Thomas D'Amour and he's been kicking Northeastern ass ever since. Go check out his new album "Don Brown's Last Ride"...he just released it at a release party that included the motherfucking Jabbers!”

“After hearing D’Amour play, Tierney encouraged him to make a full album. D’Amour didn’t have much money to spend, but Tierney insisted. “I found his songwriting was really strong, so I jumped on it,” Tierney said. “I was just intrigued by it.””

“Welcome to the Kilim Social Hour The mere months old Kilim Social Hour, at Caffe Kilim, is already — and somewhat surprisingly — solid. "It definitely started as a self promotions thing and to help out Yalcin (Yazgan, owner of the coffeeshop at 136 Islington St., Portsmouth), to help get more business down that end of town," says Thomas D'Amour, event founder and musician. "Basically it's really blown up."”

“benefit slated for Jim Tierney Thomas D'Amour plans to use his "Don Brown's Last Ride" CD release party as a benefit for its engineer and producer, Jim Tierney of The Electric Cave Recording Studio in Portsmouth. It takes place Dec. 17, at 236 Union St., Portsmouth and both Guy Capecelatro III and Chris Vaughan will also perform.”

“I recently chatted with Thomas D’Amour about music. He said that the words need to be first. “Imperfect”vocal quality and guitar skills can be corrected,but to him,if the lyrics aren’t right,there is no place to hide. Not that he claims to be the best musician in the world. D’Amour considers himself an outsider musician. He just does what he does without having the burden of a lot of theory behind him. “I really don’t know much about music.” D’Amour told me about the time he was working with a session guy,who asked what key he was playing in. Ever the quick wit,he shrugged his shoulders. “J# perhaps?””