Thomas Bryan Eaton & Hobson's Choice / Press

“Trippy folk-rock with one knee on Roger Waters’ shoulder and five toes balanced on Buckwheat Zydeco’s accordion case.”

"i hear accordion. i love accordion. i hear lap steel. i love lapsteel. i hear random noise. i love random noise."

“-"The entire album lends itself to The Beatles, not so much the musical aspect (although it is definitely there), but more so the constant use of artistic creativity throughout; playing with song form and interesting chord changes in the way The Beatles made famous allowing the melodies and harmonies to run rampant, all the while remaining tight and in sync with the overall piece of music."”

"listen to it on the road, in the dark, by yourself or with friends. Listen to it with eyes open or closed. Just make sure you listen to it."


"TBE è un rocker staunitense che suona senza sovraincisioni, diretto e classico, e il suo lavoro è caratterizzato da una costante tensione che si rovescia nei finali."

"An interesting combo of Pink Floyd-ish influenced melody with an ever-so-slight alt-country twinge to the guitars and vocals and lyrics that keep your attention. Yep, it's different."

"Solid Americana."