This Town Needs Guns / Press

“Something that one 3-armed guitarist would make, aided by four 2-armed people.”

Mr Tibor - Tibor

“fundamentally confused, mismatched, grating, headache inducing, messy, directionless, wailing, wallowing, unintelligent slice of musical dross.”

Miss No Taste - NewNoise.net

“Stupid songs, stupid song titles and a not-so-clever idea to have them included here and in turn wrecking what would have been a great CD. If ever iTunes had a purpose, it was for this release so you can download the good stuff and ignore the unnecessary surplus.”

Mr No Taste - NewNoise.net

“New guerilla folk/Social awareness messages with an overdose of Jewish chutzpa/Israeli power punk chopped with ethnic elements, rap rhymes & pop choruses/North African beat & east European melodies schizophrenically combined with a rough street disco flavor.”

Chris - Chris' warped mind