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“Amazing noise punk / post punk from Cardiff. Imagine Steve Albini moved to Cardiff and started a band.”

“This is great frickin’ music. This Is Wreckage kicks more ass than most bands in the world. AC/DC and Motley Crue wish they could rock this frickin’ hard. This band from Cardiff, Wales, is composed of Rugz – Bass/Vox, Pling – Drums/Vox, Grave – Guitar/Vox, and Machines Of Mystery – Noises. What a band. The guitar, bass, and drums kick ass and the noises in the background make it seem like aliens had landed, and the first album they heard was The Damned’s “Neat, Neat, Neat” or maybe the Sonics, “The Witch” or “Strychnine”. All I know is, this band has really gotten my attention. This is my type of true headbanging music. Almost scary. Makes me wonder if the stories of Torchwood might be true. Give them a listen, if you dare. Ah, Radiators From Space, that’s who they kinda remind me.”

“This band sound great”


“I like your stuff, it's nice and dirty.”

Damo Fowkes - Groop Dogdrill / Three Stages Of Pain - Damo Fowkes

“I caught This Is Wreckage at this year's Swn Festival in Cardiff and live, the trio from the Welsh valleys were loud enough to make your ears ring - with earplugs in. Thankfully on record you can adjust the volume, but on the flip side it can take some of the punch from these tracks if you don't crank it up. Drawing influence from some of my favourite noise-rock bands of the 80s and 90s (Big Black and The Jesus Lizard et al) This Is Wreckage were a band I certainly had to check out live, and having now got my hands on their debut full length album, I've discovered that on many levels they succeed in producing a similarly nasty wash of noise on record too.”


“One of THERAPY?s favourite albums of 2014”

“With help from loud, dirty and loose strung bass, heavy hit drums and husky vocals, they turn out some cracking tunes to head-bang to. Take the fantastic opener One Last Speedstar which starts with a scuzzy, grungy guitar riff before exploding into a great (almost melodic) tune; the vocal lines verge on sing along, yet the bass thunders along and the layer of fuzz over it all gives you a headache if it's turned up too loud - which of course you wont be able to stop doing. Cracking stuff. Moving further into the record Tokens For the Bunny Booths' slower pace creates a dreamy yet eerie feel; dark and moody with some really excellent bass riffage thundering away in the background whilst the danceable beats of 2+2=Bastard are offset with discordant guitar. This is a brilliant tune, one of the best on the record, mixing the nasty with the very listenable to great effect. A solid record and one well worth checking out.”

“This Is Wreckage opened my Saturday – this is a band that likes to play loud and dirty and the crowd were with them every step of the way. The Swn guide quoted for fans of Big Black and The Jesus Lizard so this was one I couldn’t miss and I was more than pleasantly surprised. the bass was huge and dirty, the guitar was juicy and jagged and the vocals husky and nicely judged.”

“THIS IS WRECKAGE were one of the real highlights of this years SWN festival. People were shouting about how good and loud they were as their ears were all knackered.”

“THIS IS WRECKAGE  proved to be an unexpected treat at SWN FEST 2013. With heavy blasts of dizzying riffs.”

“Saw some great bands at SWN FEST 2013 with THIS IS WRECKAGE being the highlight.”

Deathbomb Arc

“THIS IS WRECKAGE killed it upstairs in  CLWB IFOR BACH at SWN FEST 2013.”


“Blown away - or rather, torn apart and trampled into Clwb Ifor Bach's floor by the sonic tank that is THIS IS WRECKAGE at SWN FEST 2013. Ace!”

““This Is Wreckage are probably the hardest looking bunch of bastards we’ve seen all weekend. We’re considering having them escort us down the road at the end of the day but are too afraid to even say hello. This hard fast trio could be the bastard sons of Jesus Lizard, Killing Joke or Therapy? Having a pink My Little Pony sat upright at the front of the stage does not hide the fact that these boys would scare the bouncers on the door outside if things ever got nasty.””

“''I love this record. So angry! Angry in the right way of course. I can hear Albini & early Therapy?''”


“Just discovered THIS IS WRECKAGE - noisy groove-porn punk - AWESOME! THIS IS WRECKAGE are class!”


“The band sounds excellent. The album sounds wicked! "2+2=bastard" is a stonker!”

Michael Mckeegan / THERAPY?

“So much enjoyment of THIS IS WRECKAGE tonight! Awesome grunge vibe with some metally riffs thrown in for good measure.”

“An enjoyably ugly racket”


“Valleys based band This is Wreckage are not for the faint hearted.  Their sound suits their name perfectly: fast and furious post-punk with aggressive riffs, clashing discord, and screaming vocals.  The three piece certainly pack a punch, with thunderous drumming from Pling, heavy basslines from Rugz, and some serious guitar thrashing from Grave (yes, those are their names, that is how badass they are).  If you love noise rock bands like The Jesus Lizard and Big Black then you’ll love this. Expect some serious wreckage, of the ear drum variety.”

“This is Wreckage is a very tough, musically en-pointe band whose sound is fresh, angry and bolshie. There is no way they can be ignored and I fully expect them to be making a big splash on the underground music scene very soon. Look out for them!”

“The album is a damn fine - and much needed - blast of fascinating noise and excellent songs. Enjoyed it immensely. ”

Adam Walton - BBC Radio Wales

““This is Wreckage's track 'Running in Furs' is probably my favourite new thing I've played this week - It's flipping ace! ” ”

Adam Walton - BBC Radio Wales

““Anyone of a sensitive disposition can stop reading now – tonight’s gig was not for weak ears. This Is Wreckage sound pretty much exactly like you’d expect a band called This Is Wreckage to sound: noisy, throaty, and twisted. The guitar is loud and fuzzy and the drumming is big and brutal. The basslines, conversely, are pretty funky, in a heavily distorted sort of way. TIW boast catchy, fuzzed-up hooks and some upbeat melodies underneath the noise, and they’re a pretty endearing lot: the guitarist has a mild penchant for Joe Strummer-esque axe abuse, they give out free demo CDs wrapped in punky-looking gaffer tape, and they have a My Little Pony figurine as their mascot. What’s not to like?” ”

Joel Dear - THE MMP

““Rad new Cardiff band 'This Is Wreckage' serve up five tracks inspired by various canonical post-punk groups (PiL are recalled in the Lydon-ish vocal drama of Deccan Traps) and acidic noise-rock as typified by Steve Albini’s various ventures over the last 30 years. Bands like this are underrepresented round here currently, if you ask me, so hopefully TIW can grow in stature. Punchy cuts like Sovereign Teeth bang seriously hard.” ”

Noel Gardner - BUZZ MAGAZINE

““Good stuff.””


““I really like this stuff.””


““Fucking A. These jams sound great. Tough as hell and great recording. Sounds like they"d be a lot of fun to play.””

Matt Mcauley - A.R.E. WEAPONS



“My word This is Wreckage are loud, even with ear plugs in you could feel the ringing starting and I pitied those who came without. The valleys trio stayed away from audience interaction (the brief bit of talking from their front man was just to tell us he doesn't talk much!) and focused on battering our ears instead which was, surprisingly, no bad thing even at 6.30 in the evening....”

“...With bands like Big Black and The Jesus Lizard being cited as similar in the Swn write up I went along with interest. Live you could really hear these references come to life, their tunes had a hypnotic quality, with husky vocals over loose strung bass, heavy hit drums and sometimes discordant guitar but they definitely still have a sound all on their own, which is well worth checking out. The three piece pounded out dirty, nasty tunes to head-bang to and the crowd responded with a sea of nodding heads and appreciative clapping. This simply put was heavy duty alt-rock done very well, which was a cracking way to get the evening started. The crowd certainly wanted to be there and all went away happy. ”