This Is All Now / Press

“ureVolume's weekly charts reflect the site's most-played tunes over the course of the previous week. Every Monday morning, the Week tab on our Top Songs page ranks artists by the most-played jams. Our champion chart-toppers from the week of March 5-11 are: 1) This Is All Now: These New York pop punkers had us starry-eyed and dreaming with their stream of "Falling Faster." This song may have reminded us of Friday nights and carefree weekends, but its week-long lasting power proves this jam can amp up even your Monday grind.”

“This Is All Now are here to remind you that the weekend's just around the corner with new song "Falling Faster." With its pop-punk energy, party rock mentality, soaring instrumentals and anthemic vocal parts, this one has us dreaming of Friday nights, falling in love, and living life without a care. When it comes down to it -- it's just plain fun. The song comes from the band's upcoming EP, We Don't Care, set for a June 30 release. And, should you be craving their sound live, the boys plan to begin routing a tour with The Stellar Life, and you just might be able to catch them rocking out this year's Warped Tour.”