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"'Goodbye Juliet' [is] a summer treat full of swelling strings, soaring vocals, sick rock guitar and ’60s girl-group swagger."

“This Blue Heaven brought in the Borromeo String Quartet, an ensemble-in-residence at the New England Conservatory.... "On "Goodbye Juliet," you hear the quartet's work subtly woven into the fabric of the song, lifting Outlund's vocals as the song soars toward a finale.”

“As evidenced by the classic, modern pop and strong ballads on Spinning and Shining, This Blue Heaven's future is very bright.”

“The hooks fly fast and frequent on Spinning and Shining.”

“Relentlessly upbeat and unquenchably positive, Spinning and Shining is a hopeful endeavor perfect for scratching the summertime itch.”

“One thing is clear: with such a relatable, radio-friendly, crowd-pleasing effort, This Blue Heaven could very well be the next big thing.”

“From its very beginning, there is no speck of anything in "Nova Love" but pure and upbeat musical fireworks.”

“This Blue Heaven's set was a dancing and stomping affair...they’re certainly a band poised for great things.”

“This Blue Heaven channels sweeping 1980s anthemic rock sounds while nodding to contemporary indie rock with edgy dynamics amid gorgeous melodies. Yet they might be most notable for their upbeat aura--even when songs might delve into darker areas, the music is always bright and shimmering.”

“Watching This Blue Heaven is a Rock Show for sure...they give you the feeling that the stage is too small for them.”

“This Blue Heaven left the crowd plenty satisfied.”

"Insomnia" is so accurate a soundtrack to actual insomnia that This Blue Heaven must have recorded this song between the hours of 2 and 4AM. It moves through the various stages of the night: the initial silence and forced calmness juxtaposed with a racing, booming pulse in your ear.

“With a new wave sensibility and a stack of melodies that just won't quit, This Blue Heaven grabs hold of the listener by the ears and won't let go.”

“Quicksandglass captures emotion, rockish beats and pop sensations all wrapped up into one finely-crafted package. Definitely worth more than a simple listen!”

“This Blue Heaven has no trouble pulling us into their melodic world...They are able to keep a listener interested with a variety of unexpected, appealing musical and vocal elements within each song, all the while staying focused and on track.”

Lily Emeralde & Emma Dyllan - Phosphorescence Magazine

“This Blue Heaven finds a way to speak to music fans.”