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“South African hip hop extraordinaire, member of Arcadiac Records and the mastermind behind dohiphop.com, ThiNXx, is back with his first new track and video since loosing his voice several months ago. While he is still unable to record new music, he felt this track had to get out. “Excuse Me” was released as a demo late last year, but has since been completed and readied for release. This is a song of political protest and a song about corruption. Making note and emphasizing the importance of having a voice and demanding that the government take responsibility for their actions. The political corruption in South Africa is rampant and the people are suffering. Help spread this message far and wide, this is not just a South African problem, many of us can relate to these views, but it is very important.”

"There is a new demo from one my absolute favorite underground hip hop artists, ThiNXx. ThiNXx is an independent hip hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. He spits stories and ideas with lyricism that is nearly unmatched in all of hip hop".

“ThiNXx infuses his music with rich, contemplative lyrics one doesn’t normally hear in this genre. “All By Myself” contains lyrics such as “Tryin’ to build myself a house / With just a hammer and some nails/Would you chop the wood for someone else / And would you help them if you could/Guess I’m so misunderstood / That I just can’t see the good”(Punch in the Facebook).In “Yesterday,” ThiNXx pays tribute to a lost friend and expresses gratitude for the relationship they had, saying “Thanks for shaking my hand that day/Thanks for your introduction/Thank you very much for being my friend/Thanks for the time that you stayed.” “NO News; GOOD News” is the pinnacle of the album’s funk-inspired beats and sanguine message. Some of the instrumental tracks border on chaotic, but the steady, streamlined sound, smattering of strings, and lines like “Right all the wrongs your life before you’re gone/Live life with no regrets/Make sure everything is done” encaps”

“The Equation...”

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