Thieves of The American Dream / Press

“We love it!”

Andee @ aQ - aQuarius recOrds

“I love this tune (Warm Lights Over Black Oceans), so moody and sonically bitchen!”

Cathryn Beeks - Thieves Fan Email

"We feel like our music could make even a T-Rex get emotional!"

The Band - Thieves of the American Dream

"I got out of my car from listening to Explosions in the Sky and walked into my friends house who was playing the album and thought I was listening to an unreleased EITS track!"

Scott C. - Thieves of the American Dream fan email

"Their music has no lyrics and range from mellow to high energy variations quickly, so you never know what your going to get, which is pleasantly surprising."

"Thieves of the American Dream are by far my favorite band!"

Susan Hunt (Drummers mom) - The Hunt Household

"just watched free concert of Thieves of the American Dream! Amazing!"