“Garage rock is played out. But these young lads have songs that take them out of their parents’ garage move them into a tastefully furnished apartment. You’ll hear the Strokes, but you’ll hear a lot of influences. The trick is that Thieves & Gypsys use only pinches and skoshes of those influences in their compact pop songs. This band’s brimming with personality. And jangle.”

“This CD comes with inventive DIY packaging that is a hexagonally folded thick brown paper (think: fancy Taco Bell Crunchwrap) held together with a waxen seal and a piece of string and a cool drawing of what I am going to say is a baby raven on what I am going to say is the front. The album features larger-than-life guitars with a retro/future vibe and distorted vocal stylings à la Black Keys. Thieves & Gypsys is solidly in the modern millennial era of rock, emphasizing spring reverb tone and the emotions of a heartbroken vampire with a driving post-punk neo-rockabilly rhythm section. Become friends with this band before they get tapped to do a national commercial for the newest tech product and land a spot at Coachella.”

““This can’t be local,” she said. “I know,” I responded. “It’s just a little too good.” But it was local. Like a magical combination between The Strokes, The White Stripes and T Rex, Thieves & Gypsys had commanded the attention of the entire skate park, and the beautiful domes were suddenly thrust into the role of second fiddle—this band was amazing. Guitarist/singer/songwriter Jared Garcia’s hands effortlessly danced across the fret board in a reverb-heavy display of indie shredding the likes of which Santa Fe usually never sees. Bassist Aaron Jones ba-doomed his way through non-stop complex yet rhythmically solid bass lines, and drummer Adam Cook provided an impressive backbone that both maintained a rocksteady beat and yet crammed so many fills and flourishes, it was hard to believe he only owns two hands. Is phenomenal too strong a word? Nope.”

“lead singer Jared “Jerry” Garcia, over the wall of sound created by him and his electrifying counterparts. Garcia had a roundness to his voice as well as an unexpectedly creamy vibrato that swirled well with the rest of the band. Despite playing for a mostly empty room, they thundered on with freight-train aggression. Sitting down with Garcia after Thieves and Gypsys’ set, he was personable and warm. “We’re a noise band” he said. “…There are a lot of undertones in our songs. It sounds like a lot more people playing.” We chatted about his hometown of Santa Fe. “There’s something about the heat there and how the winds pick up. It influences our sound a little bit. I guess you could call our sound wave pop.””

“Santa Fe has been able to produce great musicians and bring in talented individuals from out of state as well. Who do we have to thank for this? Well we can’t give them all the credit but a strong consistent force behind this movement has been part in thanks to the local band Thieves and Gypsys. The performance at the Underground @ Evangelo’s was started with the song “Break”, then followed by “Bohemian Chic”, “Water Colors” (a fan favorite), “Under The Sun”, “Red Dress” (Classic T&G), and capped off by what’s perhaps their most popular song “Penny Arcade”. The show was full of Rock and Roll, from what could be considered classic rock sounds to “psychedelic rock”, and then back to the west coast for some California influences all bundled into one. The bands ability to perform such versatile sounds and still make them fit into the same genre speaks volumes about their musical genius.”

“Featured as a top 10 unsigned band in America F**k Yeah 50 states 10 bands”

“VOTED BEST NEW BAND The band’s guitar-driven, psychedelic sound is the perfect trailblazer for a local rock ’n’ roll renaissance, and with tunes that recall the likes of The Kinks or Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs—but y’know…modern—Thieves & Gypsys will no doubt be one local band with staying power”