Thief In the Night / Press

"What sets them apart is the intensity of their material, and the immense vocals of Johnny Rossa."..."truly memorable performances"...

"Los Angeles melodic hard rockers THIEF IN THE NIGHT that is already getting good press and radio feedback here in the UK." "with the song 'Chasing Utopia' the band have come up trumps, this song is superb and very melodic in a Van Halen 'Balance' kinda sound vibe, whilst musically modern with racing guitars and superb vocals from Johnny Rossa. Johnny has a superb voice, sometimes he comes over like a clearer Ozzy Osbourne mixed with say Jeff Scott Soto and Scott Stapp" ... "What makes the band tick is that they sound fun and genuine and this record works"

Nicky Baldrian - Fireworks - Issue 56 March-April 2013

"To be honest though, I needn't have panicked because Thief in the Night, have knocked out a pretty listenable slab of modern (traditional) heavy rock for their debut album, 'Under the Influence'... "finely produced and perfectly executed"

“Thief in the Night: Under the Influence (EP) – So Mind-Numbingly Good A refreshing throw back to classic rock n’ roll, citing influences from such legends as Sound Garden, Metallica, and Black Sabbath, THIEF IN THE NIGHT combines that good old fashioned idea for great music: solid vocals and slamming guitar riffs honed so expertly that what you hear on an epic album such as this is no doubt the beginning of something very special. Johnny Rossa puts his pipes to the test a’la Chris Cornell with such passionate singing while Chris Van Duyn carries each track almost effortlessly with his flowing, dynamic guitar riffs and melodies. Randy Cooke keeps things on point with stunning and precise drumming, while producer and bassist Rafael Moreira ties it all together in a neat radio friendly, yet still raw and original, package. All assembled, Thief in the Night’s first album, ..”

“WINNER: Best International Band 2012 - Music Industry Awards”

"They sound retro and modern at the same, very melodic in all parts, with of course a main focus on strong clean vocals and biting precise guitarwork of the 2 core members."..."Opener “Chasing Utopia” is one of the finest songs here, as this is a real massive sounding Melodic Heavy Rocker that combines the best of the modern American Rocksound and the Mainstream Rocksound of the early 1990s.."No one else” does have a lot of ALTER BRIDGE, SOUNDGARDEN and CREED similarities, but still an own approach to that sound, while the instrumental “Under the influence” shows the band’s love for instrumental precision."..."THIEF IN THE NIGHT has got all it takes to become better known in the Rockworld" ...

"...one band stood out from the crowd, Thief In The Night. The listeners to the show (me being amongst them) were treated to a track that was head and shoulders (in my opinion) to anything else played during the show." ... "Johnny Rossa sounding more Layne Stanley (Alice in Chains) than Ozzy or Myles Kennedy and Chris Van Duyn’s guitar pounding out distorted riff after distorted riff." ... “Under the Influence” the albums title track is an instrumental, basically an extended guitar solo by Chris Van Duyn but rather than serve as an example of self indulgent plank spanking this track highlights the extreme talent that Van Duyn has as a guitarist"

“tasty and well worth highlighting,...a strong release which is worth a listen, especially if you are a guitar aficionado...Opener ‘Chasing Utopia’ is a good example of this with a bass heavy sound, a strong vocal delivery and first rate guitar work provided by Chris.”

"...great heavy guitar riffs, and a metal vocal style..."; "This is a good solid release. Hopefully Thief in the night will follow this with a full-length album, and based on the quality of this release I’ve certainly got high expectations for their future releases." "The album opens with “Chasing Utopia”. It’s got some good heavy guitar work, and the vocals are certainly reminiscent of Soundgarden..." "The title track, “Under the influence” is an instrumental with some really nice guitar work – it’s one of the better instrumental’s I’ve heard on an album recently and is a really strong track." "A nice touch is the packaging. It’s a fold-out card sleeve with the lyrics and other text, while the CD itself is printed to look like an old vinyl record a

"its rare we find a magic band that we can love like our own but when we do, we blast ... them! Our dj's love your music, TBFM have fallen in love with Thief in the Night"