The Zealous Friars / Press

“Terrific rocking tempos and grooving music landscapes provided by ~The Zealous Friars~ had me thoroughly gripped into their songs! Their music is extremely infectious and massively catchy with rock n’ roll soul and determination. I also heard feels of stellar bands like ‘The Allman Brothers’ to ‘The Black Keys’ throughout their tunes, too. FORKSTER downright gets ~The Zealous Friars~ music mission and really feels that have a really “Good music thing” going on here, best of luck rockers! Musicianship Breakdown: Guitar- Shining displays of slick riff feels and glides! Drums- Skilful, crisp rhythms and hits! Lead Vocals- Exuberent vocal thrusts and tempos, very nicely done! Bass- Blazing bass drives with booming edge!”

“A group of college friends from Alabama got together and made some music. And let me tell ya… it is pretty darn good. It’s a great acoustic sound with a nice easy flow. They have a unique feel to them and I dig it. I think they could catch on and make it in a big way. I have a few of their songs included here. Give them a shot and take a listen. Disappointment will elude you.”

“What I did find was a group of four young gentlemen from Alabama who are zealous over making music together. They call themselves the Zealous Friars and they can be found on Myspace (of course), Facebook, and now on iTunes. P.S. Props: Way to actually play instruments, Zealous Friars, you kids with your indie rock bands might actually go somewhere with your music since you’ll know how to make it after the Robot Wars destroy Auto-Tune for good.”