".....these guys don’t need fancy gadgets or backing tracks to create music. They’re doing it like the old pros used to… before everything became corporate and official." "....this live CD “Together In This”, a tasteful and enjoyable collection of original songs that steal the heart of the 60′s and keep the torch alive."

“... a sound that is organic, free-flowing and uplifting... a joy to listen to.”

" you get the feeling you know what you are going to get with They Know. The songs are catchy and easy to tap your feet to, not to mention the lyrics really make you think and perhaps relate to a lot of people."

James Wilcox - MyPlayTag.com

"Playing before a magical piscine backdrop, the two men rendered their songs to a crowd eagerly awaiting to partake of the abundant catch of poetic symbolism brought ashore through their compositions. The songs not only allowed those who listened the fathom the depth of each piece but enticed each person to explore the caverns of their thoughts as well. "

““the music becomes raw emotions that ignite your senses ........ Their music is enjoyable and infectious.””

"They Know have been consistently producing tunes that would instantly appeal to both today's youth as well as children of the flower power decades." ...."all the songs carry a shared thread of sincerity along with the honest vocals of both Raden and Ehart. Couple that with deeply poetic lyrics, light percussion and melodious acoustic guitars, et voila! You have a unique, soulful sound! "

"really diggin the varied, eclectic range of tracks you guys are making..from the easy west coast vibes of "next time around" to the wicked tight big gospel rock sound of "precipice"..amazing playing and fantastic vocal work..you guys got it going on!!"

Mike White Presents - RN

"Your hybridization of your legendary influences is incredible!

Tracy Thibodeaux - Pods o' Pop Podcast

"ya'll got a super retro turn on TIME IS THE SIMPLEST THING, well done and reminded me of lotsa great old groups from the 60s...that were HUGELY popular....i hope folks that enjoy an unfettered song get to hear this one."

the7group - Reverbnation

"...brings me back to the good old days of real music"

Twisting Faith - Reverbnation