The Yeti Trio / Press

“The Yeti Trio is self described as “frightening fusion improv” and this is an accurate yet vague hinting at what it is they do. Pianist Brooks Smith, guitarist Vaylor Trucks, and drummer Eric Sanders, combine their considerable musical abilities and produce far-out electric fusion jazz which at times recalls Frank Zappa’s “Jazz From Hell” or the most challenging works by The Mahavishnu Orchestra. And yet the music is still very accessible and filled with hooks. Fans of progressive rock should take heart as well as the music is challenging and consistently dynamic.”

"Those of you who appreciate... bands like King Crimson and Mahavishnu Orchestra will eventually become Yeti fans, whether you like it or not. Lead guitarist Vaylor Trucks plays with tremendous fire and enthusiasm... and he has a truly fearless love of improvisation... Drummer Eric Sanders... is undeniably gifted and plays with the energy of two drummers while handling some tricky rhythms... Keyboardist Brooks Smith is truly a delight and a grounding force in the band. His 'root down' sensibilities allow Vaylor and Eric to soar on flights of improvisational whimsy, while at the same time he can take a solo to some pretty wild places himself... Your average Backstreet Boys fan would run screaming into the night about five minutes into a Yeti concert."