THEY / Press

“Absolutely fantastic musicianship. Bad ass killer funk with a bite! I'm freakin' loving this band of serious cats who pay attention to every note played! This is where it's at, man. I LOVE this band! "THEY"... are great. WOW...clean and mean!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg a Jazz Artist from New York, NY - RN

“...liefern die vier Herren von THEY um Frontman Thomas Reitmair eine feine Rock-Show...”

Dominik Göttler, Dachauer Nachrichten - 6. Plug & Play

“Greetings from Head State! Diggin 99 percent - the main riff reminded me a little of Rage against the machine - then the verse a little like the Chili Peppers, even Hendrix - yet you guys do it your own way - too cool! Respect!”

HeadState a Rock Artist from Dunedin, FL - RN

“Wow, you were a surprise! Very well coodinated music, slightly jazzy, mysterious and flowing. Great drummer, please tell him so -”

Chipfryer an Alternative Artist from Cluj-Napoca, RO - RN

“Huge sound guys! that tight, roaring playing for "drugs kick in" is fantastic, and really lovin the vocal work for "time"..brilliant songs guys..keep rockin!!”

MikeWhitePresents a House Artist from London, UK - RN

“Oh man, I'm completely WIRED IN to the sound of "THEY"! I'm hooked...this is the best music I've heard in many years. Highly recommended to any music ian or music lover looking to further their musical education or experience. Tremendous songwriting and crisp, concise musicianship. Every note is pristine, precise, and cutting edge cool with a splash of extra hot dynamite.”

Richard D. Ruttenberg a Jazz Artist from New York, NY - RN

"Silent Words" Very cool catchy hook. Great vocals. Huge sound & style...

Chuck Brunicardi a Folk Artist from Pacific Palisades, CA - RN