(they are) One / Press

“A four-piece rock n’ roll band from London – this could be any number of bands making their way around the city’s gigging circuit. But, although described in this way, (they are) One certainly know stand out from the crowd – their infectious riffs get you hooked pretty quickly. Having read up on them, there are a numerous comparisons to Jeff Buckley – yes, you can hear tinges of it within their lyrics, but the sheer sound behind the vocals really breaks through any comparisons, and leaves (they are) One basking in an original sound, with clever, intriguing lyrics. An upcoming string of London dates follows a recently released a mini-album entitled “Pirate Soul’. Highlights include: All of your words and Liar Liar – great guitars!”

“One. Amazing. Glam. Something very special happened tonight.”

“Eccentric Indie Glam from this london 4 piece with layered guitars and swooning vocals, imagine Bolan meets Jeff Buckley and you are halfway there.”

“One take you back to classic rock n roll. Red belts out catchy and energetic lyrics, & although the set was acoustic, this had no bearing on how loud these guys could get. They commanded the stage and audience and created a contrasting backdrop to the rest of the night’s acts.”

“One’s short collection showcased energy, great playing and a very believable stage presence. The lead singer has a great voice and the effortless energy produced by the quartet had more pouring through in the outer bar and healthier cheers ringing after each song.”

“Redvers Bailey & Stevie Wyatt opened with some material that they will be performing with a new band called One & Redvers has quite a way with the high notes in his vocals, Stevies fine guitar work adding some body to the songs. This band will be worth a listen.”

“If you imagine Jeff Buckley without depression, you might get somewhere near to describing One. You can hear tinges of jazz and funk in their sound, but darker rock creeps in giving the music a grittier edge.”