The Wyld Olde Souls / Press

“Firmly rooted in English and eastern folk traditions and gorgeously recorded, it sounds at once like all of your favourite works of the genre and yet like none of them. Soaring three and four-part harmonies, wonderful arrangements and myriad instrumentation. And main vocalist Ivy Vale has a voice you could drown in. ”

“ It flows majestically and not a wrong note is struck. This record should be grabbed by any fan of the aforementioned classic folk-psyche bands. They are one of the few that truly keep the spirit alive. ”

“Evoking classic Brit psych folk from the seventies, this new fourteen track album was ten years in the making, and covers all the ups and downs of life…’Worn Out’ is trippily Indian and shows how the band merges genres expertly; great vocal performance too. ‘Leave Her’ is anthemic and a great conclusion to an involving, enjoyable work. Ten years well spent. ”

“The Flower Power authenticity is through the roof.”

“A stellar LP… Ensoulment takes the late-‘60s folk sound with which the Souls’ originally experimented and expands it even further, unveiling tunes akin to Zeppelin and the Band’s softer ballads, but adding African percussion and mandolins to create an aura that HBO’s Game of Thrones could consider for its score. Take a listen and you’ll see. The Wyld Olde Souls don’t quite have the stamina of the medieval series, but they certainly have the enchantment.”

"Ensoulment" is a fabulous and captivating 14 track album fully loaded with the creation of original music that incorporates compositional features of early folk and world music into rock songs, through vocal techniques and the use of exotic instrumentation topped with mysteriously charismatic and knock dead haunting vocals and Celtic harmonies; that is sure to put you under a magic spell. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!”

"Not since the days when Donovan told tales of Sunshine Supermen has this kind of music been presented in such a spectacular manner. While many psychedelic/folk acts could usually muster one or two decent songs per album, The Wyld Olde Souls’ “Ensoulment” is 14 tracks of well-crafted and crisply produced ataractic goodness . . . “Ensoulment” possesses the pacing of a great rock record, but with fresh instrumentation that never leaves the listener fatigued. From a vocal standpoint, The Wyld Olde Souls are truly blessed. Along with the full, rich delivery of lead vocalist Ivy Vale, every member of the band (minus Budhaker) is a gifted singer in his or her own right. The ocean of harmonies propels tracks, such as “Wyld Maiden” and “Anything,” into Crosby, Stills and Nash proportions." Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

“Ensoulment includes fourteen songs (13 originals and one cover) that prove the long wait for this album was well worth it. The Wyld Olde Souls are perhaps NYC’s best-kept secret. The band’s lyrics are often romantic and whimsical, offering a welcome respite from the angst and anger in much of today’s pop music, while the lush, layered instrumentation on the album – which includes flute, orchestral strings and mellotron – solidifies The Wyld Olde Souls as a band that expertly takes the act of homage into the realm of a truly unique, original sound.”

“This band’s sound, reminiscent of sixties folk music, has produced folk majesties such as the song “Anything.” It is about wanting someone more than anything and that someone has no idea you even exist. The words, “I would’ve done anything, but you couldn’t spare the time,” are quite easy to identify with. “Wyld Maiden” is a song about holding your “wyld” side in until you’re alone with someone worth bringing it out for. Some songs instantly strike a chord with the listener. “Leave Her” is one of those songs. It is about a friend leaving their woman and telling them to keep going on in life and take it lightly. Ensoulment will be more of an enlightenment for many listeners pertaining to what most folk musicians are capable of and what was not left in the sixties. The lyrics, vocals, and music on this album are all at such a high level. Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars”

"Female psychedelic folk rock band from New York with lush new album, their first for over ten years. A very (very) mellow psych-folk sound, an easy on the ear Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, Fairport Convention, Crosby Still & Nash of a band for those sunny mellow laid back harmonised moments. Three female voices leading the harmonies, male voices, electric sitars, electric/acoustic guitars, flutes, mandolins, tablas, they do it all with a very easy, very full-bodied, lush sense of refined style."

"A very intriguing quintet of vocalists & instrumentalists who definitely take top honors for originality." - Examiner.com

"The Wyld Olde Souls combine folk, rock, progressive and Celtic music into their musical pot 'o' gold with sweet enchanting vocals to grab you instantaneously and leave a lasting impression."

“Reference wise The Wyld Olde Souls are to found located somewhere between the aural ley-lines that link together the likes of Men An Tol, the Owl Service and Circulus, possessed of a rare and bewitching sun turned psych folk alchemy the sounds are crafted in an all to ever declining timeless art that indicates an appreciative and richly woven centuries old archaic skill at work. ‘Take Me There’ sounds for all the world like a late 60’s hippy festival flashback that’s somehow recently awoken from a coma . . . softly draped in amorous swirls of lysergic tipped wooziness, this quietly intoxicating brew has all the classic hallmarks of a prime era Jefferson Airplane shimmying with Nico replete with the delicate dinks of early career Porcupine Tree motifs all succulently awash in intoxicating pools of mind weaving prog-toned spaciness. Classy.”

“The Wyld Olde Souls combine Celtic fairytale atmospheres, '60's folk psychedelia and exotic instrumentation . . . right out of Lewis Carroll's fantasy world. If this is a forerunner of a full-length album release we're in for a real folk MONSTER!" ”

Crohinga Well, Belgium

"New York's Wyld Olde Souls appear to have drifted in from a similar astral plane to our old friends Mary Jane: haunting ethereal mystical folk music led by female chant-song as atmospheric as a moth caught under a flickering gaslight on a stormy night and simply resonating with psychedelic Celtic harmony. “

The Ptolemaic Terrascope, UK

"Delicious vocal harmonies assisting fresh folk melodies. Breezes of intense medieval spirituality and psychedelic threads woven with the exotic fibers of ancient popular instruments, a potion gently stirred by expert female hands . . . comes from New York but has a definite scent of England."

Rockarilla, Italy

"This group is the kind who rule because they defy such pigeonholing by the mere depth of what they do. To me, one of the most striking things a band can do is to create an atmosphere and transport the willing listener to a place far from the physical space they're in. THE WYLD OLDE SOULS do this . . . their use of folk and rock instruments can't be denied, but that's where the typical is left behind. It's left far in the background as you're lifted into a wonderful realm of the ethereal, the music and sincere Pagan lyrics opening up vistas of ancient sunlight, woodlands and calming nature . . bringing a heightening to not only one's senses of hearing, but all the others as well in a rich serenade of transcendence.”

Chaos Realm, Germany

"If Contemporary Renaissance was a category, that is where you would find Wyld Olde Souls. The female harmonies and plucked string performances, along with some heavy, ancient war drum percussion, create a mystic and magical folk sound. It seems these Olde Souls are operating on an Astral Plane, and the results are a treat."

- Just Plain Folks, USA

“It's good to see that someone is still exploring folk and psychedelia and doing it so well."”

Tom Rapp, Pearls Before Swine

"Good to be onboard your beautiful ship."

Peter Daltrey, Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour