“In their permanent tenure as one of Australia’s most high-energy and well respected punk/rock acts, The Wrath have broken down barriers between genres, both soundwise and visually, with conviction. Whether they have founded their identity upon many genres or just simply defied a specific genre’s permanancy is yours to decide, but they continuously dominate venues with bands vastly diverse within the punk, rock, metal, rockabilly, hardcore, goth and industrial realms.”

“And anybody who has witnessed one of the band’s performances will attest to how frenetic the quintet is onstage. Their shows are always packed to the brim with the crowd screaming every lyric; their instruments are flailed about as if valueless to the band; and their black-clad aesthetics recalls the likes of The Misfits and Tiger Army.”

“… their refined sound is a combination of dark, gritty rock with a heavy metal edge. Vocalist Tommy Creeper is very much the consummate frontman: adept at holding the stage and the audience’s attention, Creeper’s ability is passionate and genuine throughout – backed by quality musicians,..”