The Worrymen / Press

“was nice to receive the full album from Phoenix, Arizona’s THE WORRYMEN this past month, especially with a track whose name correlated with my alma matter’s mascot, the ‘Matador’. The album has a good number of solid pieces that really do roam throughout the band’s varied influences, from the summer-night roots rock of ‘Oxygen’ to the rockabilly strut of the final high energy album closer, ‘Tilt’. The Worrymen mention that their influences are drawn from a range of roots rock, alt-country, indie and garage groups: from Uncle Tupelo and Wilco To Loretta Lynn, Porter Wagoner, The Adverts and The Clash – although I am reminded a little of the Refreshments a bit as well. The current lineup formed in 2007 and their self-titled debut, out as of February, is their first full-length effort.”