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“ Home About Bands Concerts Authors THE WORLD FAMOUS KNOCKOUTS Posted May 10, 2013 by Melissa Summer Miller Cleveland, Ohio’s own The World Famous Knockouts are: David “Divine” Brooks = Vocals Jonnie “Jail” Vincenzo = Guitar & Backing Vocals Andy Cane = Bass Marc Sotak = Drums Are there any new band members that you would like to introduce us to? Marc, our drummer, is the newest member. Please welcome Marc into our dysfunctional family by tons of hugs and tons of shots! What does the name “The World’s Famous Knockouts” mean? After finding out that there were other bands named simply “The Knockouts,” we decided to change it; and then to add a dash of humor into a sometimes ‘arrogant’ world we live in, we decided to change it to “World Famous.” That, alone, will make people just ‘have’ to come check us out… And then once there, we will blow their mind to be”

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“Big Dog Radio Welcomes The World Famous Knockouts Tune in Tuesday night, February 5th, 2013 @ 7 PM CST/8 PM EST, as Big Dog Radio welcomes, Ohio’s Glam Rock Band, The World Famous Knockouts. Listen in as the host, the Big Dog Benny Henderson Jr. gets the thoughts and opinions from David Divine Brooks, Andy Cane and Jonnie Jail, on the return of TWFK, and their album, Two. To speak to the gang, be sure to call in at 347-202-0832. For more info on TWFK, check out, https://www.facebook.com/TheWorldFamousKnockouts?fref=ts. Big Dog Radio is a part of the Fightin' Words Radio Network and can be heard live every Tuesday night 7:00 PM CST. BDR brings the fans multi entertainment that includes sports, and music etc. Listeners can voice their opinions by calling in live at 347-202-0832. Questions, comments or want to be booked on the show please email BigDogMedia7@aol.com”

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