The Words We Use / Press

“The Words We Use is an American band exploring the genre crossover of Pop Punk and Hardcore music. They're a new band who have only just released their first single "I Like Your Style, Kid". One song isn't much to go on, but it clearly shows this band has talent and potential. Expect catchy choruses, addictive riffs and hardcore breakdowns.”

“I'm glad I did a bit of "mining for music" yesterday night. Man did I hit gold. The Words We Use; a six-piece band from New Haven County, Connecticut, are already very much on their way towards being a successful band. These talented group of guys lugged their asses to Ohio to record and produce their debut single "I Like Your Style, Kid" with former Attack Attack front man Caleb Shomo and current vocals Sean Mackowski. To be able to work with great musicians right off the bat is an amazing opportunity that will surely bring The Words We Use a lot of recognition. I'm so curious as to how that happened. But, I sure as hell like their style, a lot! With band influences like The Word Alive, Attack Attack, Sleeping With Sirens, and Memphis May Fire, it excites me to say that this band is coming right from my state (finally), and I am looking forward to hearing what they've got to give, hoping they take this style to a whole new level! I can't wait to watch them blow up.”