"The set of songs which followed all concerned the mystical magical world of Oz. The audience was genuinely spellbound. Even seasoned Wiyos fans were experiencing brand new, highly original material."

Maverick Magazine, UK, 2011

"fabulously skilled and inspired"

Randy Lewis - LA Times

"a modern band whose vintage reference points include Tin Pan Alley pop and Spike Jones. ..the young Brooklyn trio created a set of revelatory original songs inspired by The Wizard of Oz."

Chicago Tribune

"The song structures develop into snaky, devious journeys. Simultaneously tear-jerking and disturbing, this new material invokes McCartney at his most melancholy, Lennon at his most acid-inflected, and Oz in all of its most surreal, Technicolour glory."


"The group brings exuberance and intensity to these vintage styles"

The New Yorker

"The Wiyos Broken Land Bell is fabulous!"

Bob Harris - BBC Radio