The Wild Rumpus / Press

“Listening to The Wild Rumpus most recent release, 'love, trains, home' goes beyond the usual listen rules of engagement in the I play, you listen relationship between band and ear.Might be the production that gives each track the needed dimension to travel further than a disc/mp3 sound border allows and presents The Wild Rumpus in your living room/car back seat.The reason is more likely direct from the band's natural playing abilities and intuitive interaction as a solid unit.The sound becomes real, live.There is lots of stomping going on, taking cues from past players and keeping an eye on a future for their mix of swing, country, bluegrass and rock'n'roll.The Wild Rumpus are first rate, top drawer dance band. Toes not used to tapping will have a new life in one listen,dare you to not come steppin'.Trust me, give in early and let the rhythms rule.Let go and fall back into the capable hands, and busy fingers, of The Wild Rumpus.”