The Wild Deer / Press

“Back in October I was down at Mercury Lounge to see a band (Robbers On High Street) and happened upon New York based The Wild Deer. I wasn't familiar with them but they had a sort of blues rock, punk laced rock 'n' roll thing going on and since I like rock 'n' roll, I watched, listened and took photos. Their frontman had me thinking if Mick Jagger and Scott Weiland produced a love child after having an orgy with Iggy Pop, it would be him. At any rate, they were fun. And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a little photographic flashback of their set.”

“October 3- Rich Russo played us twice last night - oon two different radio stations - on his Anything Anything program. On WXPK 107.1 THE PEAK we were in between Hüsker Dü and Garland Jeffries; on 105.5 WDHA Rich played us right before Bruce Springsteen. Thanks Rich!”

“Rich Russo’s May 15, 2011 Anything Anything playlist on 101.9 FM WRXP in NYC. Daryl “DMC” McDaniels of RUN-DMC, Rich’s in-studio guest, loved our Song “Danny Felter” and asked to hear it again. DMC said, “That song is speaking of what my soul is feeling right now. The singer is rappin, I was like 'who is this?' That song speaks to my soul, I feel incredible! I'm going to Brooklyn to find them, I love them. Play it again!" And Rich did. Thank you Rich, you're the best!”

Rich Russo - 101.9 WRXP FM

“Jim Farber’s “With band names, it’s a wild world” column in the New York Daily News on Wednesday May 11, 2001. Jim ranked us 9th in popularity amongst animal-themed bands.”

Jim Farber - The Daily News

““Brooklyn’s own The Wild Deer are really good at this “classic rock” thing. They are so good we can’t really pinpoint what band they sound like....it’s bluesy rock, that unfolds exactly like you expect it to, guitar solos included, but what takes it to the next level is singer Ed Fingerling’s perfect rock ‘n’roll voice, with his deep, husky tone somewhat reminiscent of Joe Strummer.””