The Wiggle Wagons / Press

“After we all got fed and drinks in our hands, the music began with the Wiggle Wagons who I had heard a lot about but had never had the pleasure of witnessing. Their country music is equal parts catchy and complicated. Traditional honky-tonk bass lines led the way for foot stomping drumming and the twang of their guitars, bringing us into a sweaty daydream of the moment. Although all of their musicians were talented as all, I’ve gotta give it to their guitar player, Budd. That man was shredding up his instrument unlike any country guitar player I have seen. His intricate solos captivated me and kept me in focus, watching every finger placement change in slow motion. This may be a bold statement, but I think he may be the best damn country guitar player in town.”

“With everyone mixing up genres these days, why not try taking a classic country sound of somebody like Johnny Cash and mixing it with the energy of, say, Guns N Roses. That’s what the Wiggle Wagons do best. While you’d think the sound was born in the fields of the Carolinas, the band actually got its start in California. Now based in the Charlotte area, the band members and the music feel right at home”