The Wicks / Press

“The Wicks take on Folk music is one with soul! From their first song to their last, a smile never left our face. The passion and energy The Wicks put into a live show leaves a lasting impression. Check them out and find out why we were left begging for more.”

Grace and Tony - "Bands to Follow"

"…Great songwriting, meaningful lyrics…dark harmonic chords and an upbeat sound that smacks of Southern Rock. It will be exciting to hear what else this emerging band produces."

"Centered around the power and soul of Pauline's vocals, their energy and heartfelt songwriting have a sincere way of capturing ones attention."

Cody Beebe - Independent Recording Artist, Chinook Festival Founder

"Pauline's voice is a powerful and beautiful thing."

Corey McKenna - World Famous Leavenworth Lighting Festival

"The Wicks make music that is as powerful as it is heartfelt, and Pauline delivers their message with one of the strongest voices I've heard..."

Jacob Navarro - Spoonshine

“My sincere thanks for a great night of entertainment. You guys are very special! Thanks.”

Mike Cooney - The Vogue, Lake Chelan

“***** The Wicks!!!! - It's so refreshing to hear a different sound, something new, clean, and lyrically awesome. Pauline's voice is amazing and an absolute joy to hear! The instrumentation is on point...Can't wait to see them perform live!”

csellersak - iTunes Review

"You know you have a good song and strong delivery when it insights goose-bumps each time you hear it. Each song on Lux & Wax has this quality for me."

Cody Beebe - Cody Beebe & The Crooks

“***** "The beautiful lyrics mixed with a pure sound have created songs that will resonate with your soul. A true sign of an artist is when you are moved with emotion by the words of their song...be prepared to be moved!”

blue eyes in WA - iTunes Review

“***** "LOOK OUT WORLD! The Wicks are burning bright! Fresh new sound, deep, challenging lyrics, great vibe and soul that moves. Will be listening to this for some time to come.”

JCMusic251 - iTunes Review