The Whybirds / Press

“The Whybirds sound like Pearl Jam having a fist fight with The Allman Brothers in Don Henley’s back yard. But what’s more important is that The Whybirds might just be the hardest working and hardest rocking band in Britain right now – a band destined for greatness. ”

Soren McGuire - Americana UK

“The Whybirds have it all; songs, musicianship and a sense of maturity that most acts of this kind can’t even comprehend. These guys are the real deal, you’ll be hearing more of The Whybirds some time soon.”

Derek Oliver - Classic Rock journalist

“One of the most promising new groups today”

Popular 1 Magazine (Spain)

“Sounding like Bruce Springsteen meets The Who, this English group can ruffle the hair of you and your father...”

“The Whybirds are comfortable to be with, cute to look at and remarkable to listen to. By the third number in, What It Means, I’ve finally noticed that each of the four are taking turns to sing. Not since Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have four voices united so harmoniously – I kid you not.”

Pippa Lang - The Music Magazine

“The Bruce Springsteens of Bedford”

Classic Rock (Top 50 songs of 2010)

“The Whybirds look and sound like The Jayhawks did at their best. All the band members write and all sing their own compositions, and when they harmonise, it's even better. Their second record, Cold Blue Sky, is more robust and less heartbroken than their first, it's also a better record.”

“Generally accepted as the UK's best alt.country band”

The Barfly

“Beautiful melodies, rich instrumentation... Honesty, feeling, variety, essence... Nothing is superfluous and nothing is lacking. One of my albums of the year.”

Eduardo Izquierdo - Ruta 66 - Cold Blue Sky review

“These guys have the requisite musicianship, and possess the attitude to a tee. There’s also a determination to succeed in their musical career without any compromise.”

RC - Rock N Reel (4/5 review for Live Recordings Vol. 1)

““With the succession of stirring hooks and choruses, jangling guitars and sparkling harmonies, for a while you think they must be fluking it, that the cracks will start to show. But they never do” 7/10”

““Refreshingly uncompromising, authentic and gutsy” 4/5”

“Cold Blue Sky consists of 13 well written songs played to near perfection, sung and performed with passion, driving each song to a high standard. If the passion and focus remains with these guys, their third album is sure to be a big hit. (4/5)”

CB - Maverick - Cold Blue Sky review

““Unpretentious alt.country that will make an awful lot of people very happy” 7/10”

““No nonsense, hard-rocking Americana””

““There are no whys about it, The Whybirds are here and have successfully restored my faith in the now””

"Last night an old music business contact persuaded me to check out The Whybirds, a deservedly up ‘n’ coming four-piece from Bedford. I was glad I went. The band has a strong sound and a very decent set of tunes. Expect to hear more before too long."

Dave Ling - Classic Rock journalist

“They completely embody alternative country rock with their feisty and fiery attitude. They pack a punch with their intense music.”

The Troubadour

“Divine, beautiful and awe-inspiring. A songwriting masterclass”

Bedford Esquires

"If there's any justice, something good will happen for The Whybirds."

Danny Bowes - Booker for The Agency, Singer of Thunder

“Blue collar Americana reminiscent of Ryan Adams and Steve Earle.”

Time Out

"The Whybirds are one of the most consummate and charismatic British bands I've ever seen. By the end I don't want them to leave the stage, the crowd whooping and hollering, and I think, I really wouldn't want to follow that."

Paul Carrera - Nightshift Magazine (Oxford)

“ I was truly gobsmacked this was a bunch of guys writing songs that most bands would sign a pact with Beelzebub to pen and not only that but they were from Bedford. British through and through! They are going to be massive!”

Steve "Krusher" Joule

“Having caught Cambridge’s latest sensation on Saturday, I can safely say any hype surrounding this harmony-driven fourpiece is much deserved. A classic rock band with a fresh twist, all four band members sing note-perfectly and harmonise to devastating effect.”

Paul Richards - Hunts Post

“Thr Whybirds took to the stage and blew the roof off with their guitar-driven rock, not a little reminiscent of Neil Young & Crazy Horse, beautiful harmonies and a touch of young Pearl Jam.”

Christophe Oyevaar - Romsey Sessions

“Bedford band The Whybirds play unreconstituted 70s-style cowboy rock at its most up-tempo and they’re great. The three guitarists stand in a line at the front – seeing them picking and rocking away is a heartening sight to anyone with affection for vintage rock’n’roll.”

Rychard Carrington - Moving Tone

“These boys have the songs and musical chops to be very big, if the Kings of Leon can fill stadiums then so can The Whybirds. ”

Keith Hargreaves - Americana UK

“The Whybirds performed like a true rock band. You didn’t want to take your eyes off them as they were visually as well as musically entertaining, so you didn’t want to miss out on anything that was going to happen next.”

Caroline Pawson - Noise Addiction

“Imagine if you can an amalgam of every great country rock band you have ever heard, amazing guitars, wonderful harmonies, smooth drum work...Professional with a capital 'P'.”

Rock Against Child Pornography

“Great big rollicking honkytonk harmonies jump into a kingsize water-bed with songs made out of tears, beers and cactus.”

Milky - Bedford Roar Club

“The Whybirds are a mix of Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd and occasional Eagles. They are a four-piece with four lead singers, two lead guitarists, great harmonies and terrific songs.”


“What can one possibly say about country rockers The Whybirds? Their ultra bittersweet lyrics combined with a melodic nous is a pure joy. Phew! What a potent force. The songs of The Whybirds echo of deep lush woods and those bendy winding rivers. The set transforms the imagination.”

Martin Stapleton - Bedford Esquires

“The Whybirds struck me as one part Uncle Tupelo, one part Lynyrd Skynyrd and one part early Tom Petty. All band members share lead vocal duties, which gives them a bit of a Band feel when the drummer is singing. The whole was presented with dynamism, determination to impress and an assured swagger.”

Jonathan Aird - Americana UK