The Wholetones / Press

"The Wholetones are one of the hottest folk rock groups on the music scene. Their energy, timing and ability to drive a crowd wild are amazing. Check these guys out!"

Mark Johnson - Creator of the Clawgrass Banjo Technique

"Naples area "folkcore" outfit Wholetones ingeniously combines thrash-metal dexterity and jazz technique with traditional acoustic instrumentation; the result is as enthralling as it is unique. Fans of bluegrass and vaudeville styles will dig ’em just as much as those addicted to musicianship and shreditude."

“No one in human history has ever thought they’d leave a Mastodon show to find even better technique in a folk band. But that’s exactly what happened when I got back downtown and encountered South Florida’s the Wholetones.”

“Usually bands have that one member who just blows your mind. The Wholetones seem to take turns being that member.”


“I am a bit of a musical snob and get bored very easily with status quo sounds and lazy lyrics. But I was so pleasantly shocked and drawn to the Wholetones. It must be that your very core is about the music, message and the concentration of spirit”

“They all play with the speed and energy of their youth and chosen genre, and one will wonder how they have the strength to keep it up, and why there aren’t six exhausted and detached arms on the floor after the set. Their fingers fly over the strings, rapidly creating euphony of complex sounds and musical nuances.”