The Whippoorwills / Press

“Congratulations to The Whippoorwills, Our New Artist of the Month! A shade over a year old, the trio delivers some meaty jams with the rancor of a freshly-flunked-from-art-school Karen O. Vocalist Heather Gray screams, croons, murmurs and squeals, and her antics round out the spartan drum and guitar supporting her. They also have the wherewithal to rustle up enough votes for our poll while out on the road, no less, proving themselves as industrious as they are well-dressed. The Whippoorwills released their self-titled debut album this past June via Mattress House Music.”

"If you’re looking for a jagged, raw beat to add to your playlist, be sure to check out this talented group!"

"Hailing from Nashville, The Whippoorwills fearlessly take over the famous music city with their sharp indie rock n’ roll. The three piece signed to Mattress House Records are surely in for an exciting year with a debut album on the way and ambition to take their music to different places like the UK."

"The Whippoorwills are an indie rock threepiece with a dark, and dirty edge. All the way from Nashville Tennessee, the band play raw, blues inspired indie that sounds like it’s infused with the sweat and testosterone of a small-town American bar overflowing with beer. It’s loud, brash, and bold. Sludgy, lo-fi guitars, and drums that are sometimes slow and moody, sometimes all-out cymbal bashing, are eclipsed by piercing and charismatic female vocals that strongly resembles those of The Dead Weather. Her voice is fantastically haunting and full of energy. The band, overall, has a very White Stripes feel to them; including octave effect-laden guitar solos that even Jack White would be proud of."