The Wheresville Project / Press

“In a two decade stretch where we've seen Rock-n-Roll mostly pushed aside by record labels interested in serving up pre-packaged pop songs lacking any real taste and texture, it is exciting to discover a young band that recognizes and embraces Rock's roots in American blues and jazz, and plays that music with real musicianship and joy. In this debut CD, The Wheresville Project reminds us that Rock-n-Roll is meant to be fun ("Kicks" and "No One to Dance With"), but it can also be tender ("Ain't Worth My Time," "Elizabeth" and "Four Years and Cities") and aggressive ("Sinner," "Right Stuff at the Right Time" and "Rumor Mill). This young band doesn't pretend to be hipster cool or musically avant garde. They are a little Gaslight Anthem meets Red Hot Chili Peppers, and whether they are putting down a chest-thumping, danceable bass and drum groove or a testosterone-driven guitar moan, The Wheresville Project makes Rock-n-Roll sound and feel like Rock-n-Roll once again.”

“The Wheresville Project returns to Wheresville Sound Studio & kills it...rivaling the band we recorded from Tokyo Japan in preparation & preproduction....they are amazing.”

Mark Miller - Wheresville Studios

““Perfection is No. 1, then energy becomes the next priority,” said Mulkey. Communication is key. Their history allows them to understand one another’s language in an instant. “We play together so much that we know what each other is thinking,” said Lewson.”

““The growing popularity of The Wheresville Project has some wondering if they could be the next Belleville Outfit (former Spartanburg-based band). Belleville has a unique Americana sound but Wheresville has demonstrated comparable technical abilities as musicians while playing primarily classic rock and blues. While this appeals to older fans who can sing along to covers, Wheresville has also managed to appeal to younger audiences with its slightly more modern, youthful original material.””