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"That song was the culmination of 25 years of trying to figure out who I was," The Wheelers singer/guitarist Tyler "Top" Jones says. He's talking about that Decatur rock band's ascending yet intimate track "Bridges Path."

“God, my favorite singer of all-time has to be Freddie Mercury. Somebody told me the other day I sounded like the guy from The Fray, and my mom told me the other day she thought I sounded like that Jason Mraz guy and I don't even listen to any of his music. If anybody ever tells me I sound like Freddie Mercury, I'm going to kiss them on the mouth.”

“More than 1100 bands submitted an entry to the 2014 Georgia Battle of the Bands competition. Just 20 were chosen to compete in the semi-finals.”


“Featured interview on a podcast promoting the annual Whistle Stop Festival”

“The Wheelers Band talked with Tusk this week. Though the members have lived all over, The Wheelers Band calls Decatur, home. The group, who recently played at Moe's Original Barbecue, talked about hopes to release its new album soon”

"If Wheelers’ Jordan “Lamont” Landers had chosen to do anything with his life besides sing in a roots rock band, then things wouldn’t be as right in this world. When you’re barely in your twenties and you sound like you’ve spent the last decade digging ditches in a Delta chain gang, you don’t have a choice but to pick up a guitar as well. Landers’ soulful crooning combines with the band’s tight playing to create an accessible Americana style that fits just right in the alternative-rock age. The group shines on concise songs like “Another Day” and “The Crow,” which sound great, even though they’re total downers. However, it is the fun, jammed-out stuff like “1904” that keeps you wanting more when the record’s over."

“It’s a widespread joke that gingers have no soul, but this guitar-playing redhead from Alabama is slapping haters in the mouth with his acoustic covers of some of the greatest soul songs in music history. ”

“The Decatur band Wheelers hesitantly defines its sound as eclectic rock, qualifying the answer with a “maybe” and a question mark.”