The Wet Darlings / Press

“The Wet Darlings have gone from Columbus’ indie… well… darlings to bona fide ready to commandeer the airwaves with their pop-rock soundscape maturity.”

“The interesting – and scary – thing about The Wet Darlings is how accessible they are. They could be heard on any radio station, in any car, and play myriad venues.”

"Big swells of electric guitar, crashing percussion and a voice far prettier than any we’ve heard in a while, The Wet Darlings are a band that pulls a bigger punch than they let on at first."

“...["X"] lets listeners savor the volcano of vocal power stored in the lungs of lead singer Jenny Lute.”

“Dripping with pure emotional intensity, Lute's voice resonates through a crushing guitar presence on tracks like "Bicycle" and "Vampire," tracks from the band's newest EP. Simply titled "X," the disk is a raw and captivating aural retreat...”

“It is absolutely captivating. I was left staring at them there onstage, wanting them to do it again.”

"...sunshine-and-hellfire country-fried swoons."

“X is a five song EP that will leave you hot and bothered and begging for more. The boys provide a heavy unadulterated rock and roll backdrop for Jenny’s vocals.”

"Columbus' sexiest foursome doesn't plan to stop rocking innocence and innuendo anytime soon."

"...a heart-wrenching sound that makes you shiver a little."

“Jenny Lute’s sweet yet powerful voice is accentuated by the band pounding out a blistering stream of hard and heavy rock. It’s a combination that gets into your body like an aphrodisiac.”

"..."X," a dazzling modern update of '90s alt-rock's finer strains seasoned by gospel, soul and retro pop."

“The album, produced by Grammy –award winning Jeff Ciampa, leads off with Bicycle, which seems to be a band fave….and for good reason. The first few seconds tease with a seemingly innocent little melody until Jenny and the fellas launch into a no holds barred sexy rock-fest that just might make even your teeth a bit sweaty.”

"Rather than toiling over the avant-garde, which they are talented enough to do, they permit you to fall in love with Miss Lute, whose vocal stylings range from wounded fawn to scornful woman, pairing the delicate strength of a woman with some monster musical balls."

“Her voice evokes that feeling of running from a hot shower and jumping naked into a bed full of clean blankets. Velvet blankets. Or, you know, the sexiest blankets you can imagine.”